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  • Omnium Gatherum – New World Shadows (2011)


    Finish melodic Death Metal masters Omnium Gatherum return with their best album to date: “New World Shadows”. After their killer debut album “Spirits and August Light”, the band wondered off with some lukewarm releases and finally returned to the spotlight (for us at least) with “The Redshift”.

    In “New World Shadows” the band goes into darker territory and presents us with a more ‘classical’ Melodic Death Metal sound and their own brand of guitar acrobatics and solid songwriting. With this album, the band is sure to drawn comparisons to Finish Melodic Death Metal heroes Insomnium.

  • At The Soundawn – Shifting (2010)


    At The Soundawn comes from Italy and are here to show us what they are made off with “Shifting”, the band’s second release. For a band so young the musicianship in “shifting” is pretty impressive to say the least. Fusing Post-Rock, Post-Metal and even some Jazzy influences, the band will easily draw comparisons to Cult Of Luna, Mowgai and similar artists.

    While there are countless of boring Post-Rock/Metal album, “Shifting” is one of the best we have heard this 2010. The band does an excellent job at creating haunting atmospheres and instrumental passages to transport the listener into a different world. Featuring healthy doses of raspy vocals and aggressive parts, this release does not fall into the ‘too much atmosphere, not enough content” category that many bands playing this genres of music do.

  • Destinity – XI Reasons To See (2010)


    The ever changing French band Destiny is back with a very complex and multi-faceted album that will surely be enjoyed by fans of different styles of Metal music. “XI Reasons To See” feature a wide variety of tracks that feature a healthy combination of Melodic Death Metal, Trash Metal and Modern Death Metal.

    Some people might argue that this release has too much stuff going on to be fully appreciated, but we believe that one you give this album a few listens you will start to appreciate all the layering that Destiny has done. With a strong Melodic DM and Trash foundation we greatly enjoy this release.

  • Dioramic – Technicolor (2010)


    Dioramic makes a bold statement on their myspace saying that you can’t categorize their music and they are pretty close to reality. The German trio creates a musical palette featuring influences from Progressive rock/Metal, Post-Hardcore, Post-Metal, but in their own terms making for very diverse and interesting songs.

    Signed to Lifeforce records the band unleashes “Technicolor” an 11 song album that will have you scratching your head from song to song. Trying to figure out how the songs will progress was the most fun we’ve had while reviewing albums in the last few days.

  • Miseration – The Mirroring Shadow (2009)


    After reviewing several different bands where Christian Älvestam sings or plays something, we finally found one that is pretty solid all around. It’s not that the other bands are bad, but they just don’t feel as cohesive as Miseration.

    Miseration hails from Sweden and they play old-school Death Metal. They have greatly improved since their debut album “Your Demons - Their Angels” and this is a good sign since that album showed some promise.

  • Nervecell – Preaching Venom (2009)


    Lifeforce Records brings us “Preaching Venom” from the UAE based band Nervecell, the band plays Death/Trash metal with some melodic elements. While none of the band members are nationals of UAE, Dubai more specifically, they all reside there and make their music in that corner of the world.

    Nervecell’s features David Haley of Psycroptic fame on drums, and as you can expect the drumming in this album is close to perfection; all tracks are tightly played and brilliantly written and executed. The other 3 musicians from the band as I can tell do not play in any other bands in the scene, but they are still pretty good at their instruments.


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