Progressive Rock

  • The Devil’s Blood – The Time Of No Time Evermore (2009)


    The Devil’s Blood is one of those bands that will totally catch you by surprise. Playing a funky mixture of Progressive Rock with Psychedelic Rock they totally rock at it.

    I have never been a fan of the 70’s music of the same style, but there is something about “The Time Of No Time Evermore” that hooked me since the first time I heard the album and now I find myself enjoying this release at any point during the day, after listening to whatever other kind of music I’m currently reviewing.

  • IQ – Frequency (2009)


    Progressive rockers IQ return with their latest album “Frequency”. This band has released very solid albums over the years and “Frequency” is not the exception. If you are looking for a traditional progressive rock release, this album is one of the best releases of the year in the genre.

  • Interview with IQ

    IQ has a great trayectory in the Progressive Rock scene that spans over 28 years, 2009 marks the release yera of their 9th studio album. Peter Nicholls took some minutes off his busy day to answer our questions:

  • Saga - The Human Condition (2009)


    Most fans of a band panic when the band looses their lead singer. Speculation starts on how the band will continue, how their music will sound afterwards, and most importantly (for me) how are the band’s hit songs going to sound with the new singer. Well Saga’s selection of their new vocalist, according to their promo text, was somewhat based on how the old tracks where performed by the new vocalist.


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