• Aluk Todolo – Finsternis (2010)


    Aluk Todolo has been labeled (and use to be a Black Metal), but with “Finisternis” they open our minds into a darkly demented world that will surely be understood by a select few. The band’s latest effort explores minimalistic sounds that for the most part will leave you expecting some sort of climax that never occurs, making you hand by the edge, waiting patiently.

    Comprised of 5 songs merged into two side-a and side-b, “Finsternis” is truly an aural experience that even if it fails to fully deliver it’s full potential, should be hear by fans of the truly bizarre. On side-a we have a very monotonous drum rhythm that made me so anxious that I started biting my nails. It creates the perfect endless and dark corridor feeling that has you pondering if you will every reach the end. With it’s deranged guitar riffs creating peaks into our anticipation of something happening in this release.

  • October File – Our Souls To You (2010)


    With their very interesting and modern sounding mixture of hardcore, industrial metal and even some metalcore-ish influences, October File is back with “Our Souls To You”. The band’s third full-length release and we must say a very shitty one. Featuring two mixes of the tracks in this album, to us it indicates that the band was not fully satisfied with the end result and decided to let the fans pick the one they like the best.

     “Our Souls To You” is a ‘good’ album for the first two songs, and later you discover that is the same stuff over and over (and we don’t mean because of the ‘double’ tracks featuring different mix). With “Holy Armour from the Jaws of God” the band left off in a high note, but with this new release it feels they forgot how to make good music.

  • The Hawkwind Triad - The Hawkwind Triad (2010)


    Providing a solid tribute to British space rockers Hawkwind we have Havestman, US Christmas, and Minsk. Released on Neurot Recordings, The Hawkwind triad do an excellent job in capturing the classical atmosphere created by Hawkwind while adding the uniqueness of each band into the mix, and fully respecting the original songs.

    One of the things we find the most interesting is that the tracks that each band performed are mixed together through the album, and it still flows like it was only one band making the tribute. Something very unique and refreshing, since tributes usually consist of several bands playing one or a few tracks and there is most of the time a huge quality gap between bands.

  • Karma To Burn – Appalachian Incantation (2010)


    The West-Virginia trio is finally back, with a super-powered full length release 8 years after “Almost Heathen “. The band got back together in 2009 and it’s been rocking the stages since then. Combining groovy melodies with stoner rock influences, “Appalachian Incantation” is a mostly acoustic release (except for 2 songs) that will rock you out of your chair.

    Keeping their tradition of naming most songs with numbers, we get a full scale riff-athon in “Appalachian Incantation”. Each track is super catchy and will make you want to dust off your old guitar and start jamming right away. The band’s music making skills are better than ever and have produced 9 brilliantly groovy tracks that power “Appalachian Incantation” straight into Stoner Rock hall of fame.

  • Beissert – The Pusher (2010)


    Coming from Agonia records in late May we have Beissert’s sophomore release called “The Pusher”. Never knowing what to expect from this label we ventured into discovering what Beissert was all about, and we love it, the band combines influences from Crowbar, Pantera, Nevermore and tons of other bands in a rocking way that will leave you speechless.

    Beissert is probably one of the freshest sounding bands that we have heard in quite a while. After several listens to this album, the melodies behind the songs are stuck in our heads, something that does not happen quite often. The band has a very groovy and bombastic rocking sound that will have you headbanging from start to end.

  • Umbah – Trilobeth (2010)


    Every once in a while we get a release that makes us think: What the fuck was the band thinking?. The majority of the time this is in a bad way, a clear example is “Trilobeth” from Umbah. This release feels as disconnected as a bunch of tracks pieced together by a baby playing with Pro-Tools.

    We must say that if originality is what you look for then you will be blown away by “Trilobeth” since we never heard something quite like this. But if you are actually looking for music with structured songs and a logical flow then you will hate this album.

  • Armored Saint - La Raza (2010)

    Armored Saint is one of those bands that haven been on and off like as many times as a hooker drops her underwear in a month. However, every time the band comes back they either release a kick ass album or tour. “La Raza” is the band’s latest offering that continues the band’s tradition of releasing very solid albums that make people remember them once more.

    Featuring John Bush from Anthrax fame and Joey Vera from Fates Warning fame, you know you have a pretty solid band only by hearing these two names. The band plays straight up ‘classic’ or traditional Metal, and they do so which such grace that only a handful of bands can pull this off.

  • Machines Of Grace – Machines Of Grace (2009)

    Originally started ad Wicked Witch, Machines Of Grace features Zack Stevens (ex- Savatage and ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra) alongside Jeff Plate (current Savatage and Trans-Siberian Ochestra member) alongside Matt Leff and Chris Rapoza, both from Trigger Effect. Listening to this line-up you know you have a super group with Machines Of Grace.

    Their self titled debut album was released barely one year after the band got together in 2008. Featuring 14 songs and over 55 minutes, the band makes a very solid statement by creating very catchy and well delivered Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sounding songs that most people can identify with.

  • Van Canto – Tribe Of Force (2010)


    Out of the hundreds of albums we get to listen to every month, we only get 2-3 that are just completely different. Val Canto and their A Capella ‘Metal’ get’s the nood this month. “Tribe Of Force” features 13 tracks with no ‘Metal’ instruments other than drums.

    But what makes the band’s music is the vocalists emulating the rhythm guitar and the keyboard parts to perfection. While this might sound weird, and it does take a bit to get used to, the band’s actual sound is awesome and very interesting compared to anything else you will listen (in Metal).

  • Kittie – In The Black (2009)


    Several years have passed since Kittie reached their highest point around 1999-2001, two albums later and plenty of lineup changes they are back with “In The Black”, released on their own vocalists label, and distributed in Europe by Massacre Records.

    I have to agree that “In The Black” is the band’s most mature record to date, since the music is better defined that before, and the album is very cohesive. But the whole gimmick of the female growling and the all-female band has gotten old. The band’s 5th release is just another decent Metal album, but nothing to write home about.


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