• Neurosis – Enemy of the Sun (2010)  Reissue


    With the upcoming 25th anniversary of Neurosis, the band has decided to reissue one of their most influential masterpieces: “Enemy of the Sun”. If you remember going back to 1993, or at any point when you first listening to this crushing release, you will know how epic this album was, and how it changed the way a lot of people listened/viewed “Metal” music.

    This 2010, Neurot recordings has put out another reissue of this epic masterpiece. The first reissue was back in 1999, and the current ‘2010 edition’ features a redesigned package made by Josh Graham. And it also includes two added tracks: “Takeahnse (demo version)” and “Cleanse II” (Live in Oberhausen). As one of the first experimental masterpieces of Metal, “Enemy of the Sun” is one of those releases that every Metal connoisseur must have in their collection.

  • City of Fire – City of Fire (2010)


    Featuring Fear Factory’s Burton and Stroud, City of Fire has been around since 2008 and their self-titled release has been available to buy from the band’s site for quite a while now, but it’s finally getting a proper release date of August 24th, by Candlelight Records. This re-release includes three newly recorded bonus tracks: "Children of the Revolution”, "Last Wish", and "Dark Tides Revisited”, all of which we did not receive in our promo copy so will not be talking about them.

    As you can imagine, Burton vocals are what makes this release very engaging for any fans of Metal and Hard Rock music. His characteristic pipes provide all the emotion needed for such a genre-combining release. The band’s music is not your typical “Metal” album and will surely puzzle some of Fear Factory’s biggest fans. But after a few spins, “City of Fire” comes out as a very enjoyable hard-rocking commercially-friendly release that features a group of great musicians doing exactly what they do best: great and catchy music.

  • The Body - All the Waters of the Earth Turn to Blood (2010)


    Today we have one of the weirdest albums we have received in the last few years with The Body’s “All the Waters….”. This band combines Drone / Sludge Metal with a bunch of random shit creating a very enthralling atmosphere unlike anything you have heard before.

    Since their opening track “A Body”, you know you will be in for quite the experience. This song features angelic voices for around 7 minutes and then it transforms into a mix of heavy sludge riffage, angelic voices and deranged screams. The album pretty much continues in the same weird fashion with the drone-like “A Curse” and then it just keeps getting weirder and weirder with “Empty Hearth”.

  • Colonel Blast – For the Greater Good (2010)


    Once we listen to an album for one or two times we usually have an idea of what to say about it, when it came to “For the Greater Good” we are still short on words to describe it, but we will try to do our best. This band combines almost every possible genre of Metal together and creates a very unique and crushing sound.

    The band quickly starts of their album showing their riffage power and drumming skills. However, the screamed vocals on this song (and others) are quite annoying since they sound like a cat is getting hit by a bus or something. Some people might dig this, but we don’t, however the growls used through the album are decent enough to make up for them, and the music is what interested us the most.

  • Pussy Sisster – Pussy Sisster (2010)


    With one of the most annoying and shitty looking MySpace pages in the world, today we have Pussy Sisster and their self-titled release. Usually whenever we have a band that has the words pussy, snatch, virginal, and Satan on their name we immediately deduct 10 points of their review. For Pussy Sisster, we did not do this since their name actually embodies everything this band stands for and their rock-star looks.

    Playing hard-hitting Rock and Roll, the band does a great job in capturing the sound of bands like Kiss, Poison, Cinderella, Mötley Crue, etc. Pussy Sisster has the right sound and look to make people re-live their glory days listening to the previously mentioned bands while doing their hair (and other activities).

  • Arsenic Addiction – Requiem of the Fallen (2010)


    With the current boom of female fronted bands where the girl does the harsh vocals, it’s almost impossible to find a band that is good enough when comes to mixing both clean and harsh vocals. Arsenic Addiction is probably one of the few bands that fit this description and that we can stand for more than 10 minutes.

    While most people think that Kittie and bands like Otep, Walls of Jerico, etc. were the first bands to use harsh female vocals, they cannot be more wrong. We remember back in the day, getting a demo CD from an American band named: Forty Days Longing, and if you heard the album you would be easily convinced the singer was a very brutal dude, but surprise to us, it was Zdenka Prado a female vocalist (she also provides screams for Garden Of Shadows, and currently for Estuary (ex-Estuary of Calamity).

  • Proghma-C – Bar-do Travel (2010)


    Holy shit! We have actually have a band that features a very unique and original sound. While almost 9 out of 10 bands we receive every week sound very much like somebody else, Proghma-C sounds exactly like nobody else. The band has tons of different influences ranging from more commercial Metal, to more obscure genres that you would never image they would blend well.

    Hailing from Poland, Proghma-C unleashes 9 tracks of pure musical weirdness. While some of you might be frowning since most people think weird=bad, but this is not the case with “Bar Do Travel’. The overall hypnotic feeling that the songs have is probably the only ‘generalization’ you can make about this band’s sound.

  • Saint To Sinner – The Unveiling (2010)


    We receive a high volume of releases from bands every month, always claiming that they sound like nobody else, and end up sounding like everybody else. This is not the case when it comes to Saint To Sinner, hailing from Rhode Island, USA the band does a great job at having a very unique sound to them. And here is where their little problem occurs.

    The band’s combination of Rock and different genres of Metal sounds a bit chaotic at times, and sometimes the female vocals are going in one direction, and the music is going somewhere else. Desiree Villegas as a very hypnotic and versatile singing style, but in some sections her vocals sound very odd, like the spoken backing section, and the awful ‘rapping’ on the song “Anti-corporate”. Some comparisons to Amy Lee of Evanescence are in order, but her voice sound less over produced and feels more natural.

  • Toby Knapp – The Campaign (2010)


    After being blown away by Godless Rising latest album, we had to get more from Toby Knapp’s brilliant guitar skills. Luckily for us Shredguy Records, Toby’s label, hooked us up with his latest solo album “The Campaign”. Featuring a wide variety of styles, Toby manages to create the near perfect Shred release.

    While most of the existing guitar virtuosos focus on Heavy/Progressive Metal tunes, Toby mixes things up with Trash, Black, and Death Metal influences. There is also a very cohesive sound to his music, it does not only showcases his abilities as a guitar player, but also as a multi-instrumentalist handling the bass guitar and most of the drum duties in this recording as well, suck on that John Petrucci.

  • Enemy Of The Sun – Caedium (2010)


    We are always complaining that we don’t get enough albums that feature band’s trying to push the envelope and develop something new and intriguing. Well, with Enemy Of The Sun we get a band that tries too many things at the same time, and around 85% of the time they are brilliant. “Caedium” continues along the lines of their first full-length album “Shadows”, creating a very chaotic combination of almost EVERY single genre of Metal (and closely related genres).

    “Caedium” will surely get trashed by plenty of people, and other will love it, there will be almost no middle ground when a band like Enemy Of The Sun comes along. We must say that we love many of the things, and other things are just downright awful (like the first 20 seconds of “Chasing The Dragon”). However, one thing we will grant to this band is that they have gigantic balls for releasing something like “Caedium”.


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