• The Company Band – The Company Band (2009)


    After listening to several bad releases this weekend it was kind of refreshing to get an album that features a ‘super star’ band playing straight up Rock.

    The Company Band features Neil Fallon of Clutch on vocals, Jess Margera of CKY on drunks and Brad Davis of Fu Manchu on bass guitar. But the band it’s not just names, they manage to create very catchy music that will please anybody that like Rock.

  • Celestial Maze – Ashes Of Lost Seasons (2009)


    Celestial Maze is a one man band Gothic Rock / Shoegaze from Germany. Their newest album “Ashes Of Lost Seasons” is a very good example of how the previously mentioned genres can blend to create a very solid release.

    Featuring over 45 minutes of music in 11 tracks this album showcases Marko’s talent in creating beautifully haunting music. His characteristic voice is one of the trademark features of this album.

  • Anneke Van Giersbergen (with Agua de Annique)...Pure Air (2009)


    This is not a metal album by any means, and you are probably wondering why are we reviewing it. Well, in our opinion Anneke has been one of the most influential female vocalists in Gothic Metal, since it propelled The Gathering into international stardom, and she has participated in countless projects as well with many well regarded musicians in the Metal community.

  • Shakra – Everest (2009)


    Shakra brings us their rock influenced heavy metal from Switzerland. “Everest” marks their 7th full length release, and you can hear that in the quality of their music. This album contains 13 tracks of pretty solid rock/heavy metal that will surely please the followers of this band, and that will appeal fans of the genre of music.

  • The New Black – The New Black (2009)


    The New Black hails from Germany, and their music style is a very unique blend of many different musical elements that create something in between classic rock and groove metal. And even if the band’s sound is more main stream it’s still a pretty darn good sound. I think this band has created a very unique fusion of genres, and they are not afraid of adding whatever they think will make the songs sound better (like on “Simplify”).

  • The Bullet Monks – Weapons Of Mass Destruction (2009)


    I’m always surprised with the albums that come out of Napalm Records, since they have a wide variety of bands that play almost every genre in metal. The Bullet Monks play hard rock with some metal influences. This German band has a very interesting sound that will make anybody want to ride a Harley and hit the road.

    “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” is the perfect album to be listening to in a dive bar while drinking away your problems. The overall rock and roll feel of this album, with some great guitar work will have everybody asking for more.


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