• OvO – Cor Cordium (2011)


    Leading our monthly pile of ‘WFT?’ releases today we have Italian OvO and their sixth full-length ‘album’ named “Cor Cordium”. If you are one of those snobs that likes a bunch of random shit put together connected through some sort of ‘theme’ and pretends to fully ‘get it’, then you will love this release. For us, normal Metal (and some Experimental/Avant-garde stuff) this is exactly what “Cor Cordium” is: a bunch of random shit put together.

  • Todtgelichter – Angst (2010)


    One of the most interesting (at least for us) German Black Metal bands has to be Todtgelichter and their near-Avant Garde Black Metal style that is not easy to fully digest. Making their highly anticipated return with “Angst”, the band dropped the kvlt BM logo for a modern ‘urban’ one and has an even weirder look than before (imagine blue man group but in full white outfits).

    “Angst” takes the listener through 54 minutes of pure brilliance with perfectly interwoven influences of Post-Black Metal and Post-Rock elements alongside traditional Black Metal elements. From the first song in this release (“Café of Lost Dreams”) you can tell that this release will be special and different since it starts very Black Metal minded but the guitar work is heading in a separate direction.

  • Macabre – Grim Scary Tales (2011)


    The masters of deranged music and sick and twisted lyrical content are back with their first full-length release in eight years. “Grim Scary Tales” is consisted of 14 tracks, each referring to a killer and their atrocities, which make for 50 minutes of very interesting tracks that vary between Death Metal, Grindcore, Technical DM, and overall madness.

    With the opening track “Locusta”, Corporate Death and Nefarious deliver a brutal two prong bass guitar and lead guitar attack that will render the listener unconscious due to the high intensity of the song. Moving over we have the completely insane “Nero’s Inferno”, a piece that sounds straight out of a circus formed by psych patients.

  • Nucleus Torn – Travellers (2011)


    Released as a compilation album “Travellers” features most of the band’s earlier works and two unreleased songs. All of the earlier songs have been re-worked and sound better than ever. If you are into Neo-folk and Avant-garde music, this is a brilliant opportunity to catch up with the band’s discography.

    “Travellers” starts off with the 4 songs of the “Krähenkönigin”. All of these songs are mainly neo-folk pieces and feature no vocals. Fredy Schnyder the band’s mastermind, multi-instrumentalist, producer, mixer, and jack of all trades has done a great job in making these four songs sound even better than the first time.

  • Dornenreich – Flammentriebe (2011)


    After gaining widespread popularity with their “Bitter ist's dem Tod zu dienen” album, one of the first ones to introduce Folkish elements with Black Metal back in 1999, the band has been constantly experimenting and releasing more and more interesting album every time. While plenty of people never understand the path of a band like this, we have loved almost every single album this band has put out.

    On “Flammentriebe”, the band returns to some of their most brutal roots and delivers one hell of an album.  Featuring 8 tracks of atmospheric neo-folk/classical metal with Black Metal attacks, Dornenreich makes it very hard for us to find a band that has done it before as graciously as them in this release. Each track is beautifully adorned with the amazing violin skills of Thomas Riesner and with Moritz Neuner back on drums, the sonic aggression never stops.

  • Angst Skvadron – Sweet Poison (2010)


    Once in a while we get a CD that we have to listen more than a few times in order to determine what the hell is going on!. Arriving from Agonia Records we got “Sweet Poison” by the Norwegian outfit named Angst Skvadron formed by T. Nefas, better known by his work with Urgehal.

    At a first glance you would imagine this album came straight out of an alien horror movie. But after a few more listens you are able to detect what could be considered either pure genius or just a demented release from somebody that has huffed too much paint. We believe is the later, since “Sweet Poison” has gained a very special spot in our ‘weird avant-garde stuff’ play list that includes releases by Arcturus, Ulver and Solefald, just to name a few.

  • Interview with Hot Buttered Anal

    One of the most 'weird' band's that I had the pleasure of reviewing in the last couple of months has been Hot Buttered Anals, so naturally I could not resists asking the band a few questions. We talked about their name, their inspirations and their massive stage destruction scheme the would execute if money was not an issue.

    Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions and let’s get started:

  • A Forest Of Stars – The Corpse Of Rebirth (2008)


    A Forest Of Stars is one of those bands that is trying to push the barriers of music, by creating a very interesting sounding mix of different elements with Black Metal.

    This British quartet features Katie Stone (ex My Dying Bride) as the ‘Queen Of Ghost’ and other equally interestingly named characters: Mr. Curse, The Gentleman and Mr T.S. Kettleburner.

  • Ajattara - Noitumaa (2009)


    “Noitumaa” is what I image would happen if you take a band to the forest, give them some shrooms and peyote, leave some acoustic instruments lying around, and make them record something. I’m not saying this release is bad, but it’s just very very bizarre. And what might be more bizarre is that I actually enjoyed it (and I was not intoxicated in any way).


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