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  • Satan's Host - Power Purity Perfection...999 (2009)


    When I first heard of Satan's Host back in 2000 I was a bit skeptical since they had been a Power Metal band in the late 80's and they just reformed under a new musical style, something that does not compute quite well. However after listening to their 2000 album "Satan's Host - Archidoxes of Evil" I knew the band was for real and their genre switch was a good move.

    "Power Purity Perfection... 999" comes little over one year after their "The Great American Scapegoat 666" and it shows an even bigger improvement on the band's musical sound. The band's style embraces everything from Black, Death, Trash and even Heavy Metal creating a very interesting mesh of elements that any metalhead would enjoy.

  • Nocturnal Fear - Metal Of Honor (2009)


    One year has gone by since the release of "Code Of Violence" and Nocturnal Fear is back with their fast paced Death/Trash Metal. This American outfit waste no time in blowing us away after an intro track and it never lets go.

    "Metal Of Honor" is in my opinion the band's best album out of their four full length releases. Their mixture of Death and Trash Metal has reached new levels with in this album; the mixture of modern American Trash with 80's influenced Trash (Kreator, Possessed, etc) creates a very intense sounding release.

  • Bleeding Fist – Bestial Kruzifiz666ion (2009)


    With the moniker of “True Slovenian Black Metal” stamped on the CD I figured this band would play something a little more… organized. While the brutality and speed is undeniable in this release, sometimes it just feels that they are just banging at their instruments with no coherence behind them.

    That being said, there are plenty of ‘trashy’ sounding BM riffs here and the intensity of the guitars is pretty good. The drumming is very bestial and sounds like a demon with 4 arms and 4 legs is playing the drums at some points, it’s also sometimes very random sounding and it makes me wonder if they can play the same song twice without making a mistake.

  • Azaghal – Teraphim (2009)


    If I’m ever looking for a brutal and raw Black Metal album, I always turn back to my Azaghal and Horna albums, since they are the true embodiment of this genre. Azaghal returns after one year of releasing “Omega” and the still bring their A game to the table.

    The only change that Azaghal has suffered is the very light use of synth in their last two albums, and in “Teraphim” this element makes me like this album even better. This being said, do not expect Dimmu Borgir style synths or anything like that, just small hints to complement a song.

  • Canis Dirus – A Somber Wind From A Distant Shore (2009)


    Ambient Raw Black Metal newcomers Canis Dirus hail from Minnesota, USA, yeah you read correctly from the USA. This two man band is probably one of the best new bands of the genre hailing from the USA besides Wolves Of The Throne Room.

    Invoking the old Burzum sound as well as the insane vocals of Bethlehem’s first albums “A Somber Wind From A Distant Shore” is a very solid release that features a very primitive and raw sound that will send shivers down to anybody’s spine after listening to it in the dark or better yet in the woods.

  • Nazxul – Iconoclast (2009)


    After going into a full-length album hibernation of 14 years, Australia’s cult legends Nazxul are back with a masterful Black Metal release that will set straight all the posers in the scene, and will show to all others how a Black Metal album should be done.

    While the band’s releases between full length albums where good, they could not compare to “Totem” until now. “Iconoclast” features 14 tracks (ambient passages included) of 90’s sounding Black Metal, something that is rare to find these days. While people might argue that the passages in-between tracks are just fillers, I have to say that they provide the perfect breathing time and the necessary pause in order to fully appreciate the next ‘real’ track.

  • Hiems – Worship Or Die (2009)


    Hiems (winter in Latin) hails from Italy and it’s a one man band side-project from Algol the bassist of Forgotten Tomb, one of the most boring Black Metal band’s that I’ve heard.

    “Worship Or Die” is an overall improvement of the music created by Forgotten Tomb, but is still pretty tame in comparison to other Black Metal releases. The whole album feels very slow except for the occasional  bursts of speed that are infused here and there, probably for the listener to not fall asleep.

  • Drawn And Quartered – Assault Of Evil (2009)


    Drawn And Quartered for those of you who don’t know are a Death Metal band from the USA that focus on playing traditional Death Metal and they do a very good job at it.

    “Assault Of Evil” was recorded during the 2008 tour of the USA, the main show on the DVD was filmed in Settle and Tacoma, WA. The best part of this DVD is that it features over 24 extra ‘bootleg’ tracks from other 4 different shows, as well as 3 of the band’s music videos.


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