• Armory – The Dawn Of Enlightenment (2007)


    When I first listened to this CD of this American band I was blown away, it sounded like any other big name, and big quality European Power Metal band. I had to go back and re-read that it was actually an American band. To make things worse, this band is still un-signed! I’m amazed by this fact. There are tons of other bands that are signed that have less than half the quality that Armory has.

    Armory has been around since 2001 and has only released one demo in 2004, which was latter re-recorded to make the debut album “The Dawn Of Enlightenment”.  So this means it took all these years for the band to polish their first opus and by all means they achieved a very solid and impressive first album.

  • Viveynne – Becoming Jane Doe (2009)


    I must say that since I stumbled with Viveynne’s myspace page, I have been very impressed with the bands vocalist talent, and the even most impressive thing is that she is 14 years old. While I usually don’t go raving about a band’s vocalist unless she is very good, I have found a new female vocalist to rave about for now in the Gothic Metal genre.

    Once I received “Becoming Jane Doe” I was very eager to put in on my stereo and take a good listen to this new EP. And from beginning to end I was very pleased with what I was hearing. Viveynne is a Canadian act that is fronted by its young vocalist Mikki, she is also main composer and songwriter for the band. If this is not impressive enough, she wrote all songs for this album when she was 13 years old.

  • Desire - Crowcifix (2009)


    Desire is an excellent Doom/Death Metal band that has been around for 15 years. And It makes me wonder why no label has picked up this band. Seven years have passed after the brilliant last full length "Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul" and this Portugese band is back with a Majestic an EP called "Crowcifix".

  • Khadaver – Beta Version (2008)


    Khadaver is a 3 piece band from the Slovak republic and they bring us a very solid self produced demo EP. The band plays an interesting blend of Industrial metal. I say it’s a blend because they fuse traditional Industrial elements with some Black metal and Electro elements. The whole EP is very diverse and showcases the bands creativity in writing songs.

  • Gate Of Sorrow – Enter Through The Gate (2009)


    There are only a handful of releases that I truly enjoy every month, and “Enter Through The Gate” is one of them. This Czech band play a great Gothic /Death / Doom Metal, and their album has an impressive quality, musically and production wise. This album features nine powerful tracks that will blow the fans of the genre away.

    Behind the luscious keyboards and amazing female vocals, there is a very well defined drum line and distorted guitars that make this release great from beginning to end. After several releases under a different name (Gate) and from what I can read on their site, different musical style changes, they have released one of my favorite albums of this year.

  • Disgust – Crucifucked (2008)


    Disgust is a Mexican Death metal band that likes to stick to the basics and excel at it. While they are not going to win any awards for originality, they are pretty good at achieving the same sound of Cannibal Corpse with some of the groovyness of Six Feet under. This album provides 35 minutes of pretty good old school death metal that is hard to find in new bands.

  • Euphoreon – Before The Blackened Sky (2009)


    Euphoreon hails from New Zealand and their demo “Before The Blacked Sky” took me by surprise. This one man band is clearly influenced by Wintersun, Ensiferum, etc. This demo is one of the best I heard this month, since it’s perfectly produced and the music is very fresh and enjoyable, too bad it only has 3 songs.

    The guitars, bass and vocals are performed by the sole member, while the drums and everything else is programmed. The guitar work is excellent and it’s clearly the style of music this band is shooting for (Epic Melodic Metal). There are plenty of nice guitar solos that complement the music.

  • Fenris Cult – Heil Blackgod! (2009)


    Every time I listen to a terrible demo I say that it can’t get worse than that, well many times I’m wrong. This month I found this demo, and let me say (again), it’s the worst thing I’ve ever heard in my life. As you can see the title of the demo is misspelled (no it’s not one of my many typos), and from this it all goes down to hell (in a bad way).

  • Thee Orakle – Metaphortime (2009)


    Every once in a while I stumble upon a great album from an unsigned band, and this month’s surprise album was “Metaphortime” by Thee Orakle from Portugal. I’m always amazed that bands of this quality are not signed while other bands that suck are. Anyways, this band formed in 2004 and after one demo and one EP they released this album. If you did not know this, you would have never imagined it.

    “Metaphortime” showcases a band that is very good at playing a style that has been loosing popularity over the last few years (Death /Doom Gothic metal) because most of the band playing this style sounded all similar. But Thee Orakle manages to keep it fresh and while they are not the most original band, they are pretty good at what they play. And in my opinion that’s what quality a band should do.


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