• Since Yesterday – Artificial Truth (2010)


    It has been a very international month here at Infernal Masquerade reviewing (and receiving) albums from all over the world. Since Yesterday hails from Ankara, Turkey and they are planning a massive global take over with their superb debut album “Artifical Truth”.

    As an avid reader of Infernal Masquerade you should know that we do not like the majority of the mainstream Metalcore band and albums. However, we are truly objective when we get any releases for reviewing purposes and sometimes we get true gems that will surely take by surprise the genre and will shake out the established bands of their grandeur pipe dreams of super stardom.

  • Exortum – City In The Dead Mask (2009)


    This month we find ourselves reviewing another band from the country that makes up 1/5th of the world: Russia. Hailing from Moscow we have Exortum, and band that plays Melodic Death Metal with plenty of clean vocals and even some breakdowns (but not in a really bad way).

    The band’s four song EP is called “City In The Dead Mask”, yep, that is what is called. But don’t be fooled by the odd WTF title, the band’s music is very good, in fact the album could be called “Raping Clowns” for all we care and this will not take anything away from the quality of this band.

  • Messiya – Erzsebet (2010)


    All the way from Siberia we get “Erzsebet” a four song EP from the Black/Death Metal band Messiya. While very short, the EP will leave you with a good impression of what Erzsebet is capable off.

    The four songs in this release feature somewhat sub-par production values since the drums sound ‘weird’ and very mechanized, and the overall sound is kind of hollow, but is good enough to showcase the ideas behind’s the band’s music. Since the EP is short we will go over each track providing brief commentary on them.

  • Krig – Narcissistic Mechanism (2010)


    Hailing from Brazil, we have Krig a Death/Grind band that features a very different sound from most bands of the genre. “Narcissistic Mechanism” is the band’s fourth release, and they clearly show signs of musical maturity in their songs.

    The album starts with a very powerful and progressive piece called “Folish Evildoes II”, and it prepares you mentally for something… totally different to what you are going to listen to in the following tracks. The band busts out with some traditional Grindcore riffs and brutal vocals that will surely make you jump out of your chair after the first song.

  • Machines Of Grace – Machines Of Grace (2009)

    Originally started ad Wicked Witch, Machines Of Grace features Zack Stevens (ex- Savatage and ex-Trans-Siberian Orchestra) alongside Jeff Plate (current Savatage and Trans-Siberian Ochestra member) alongside Matt Leff and Chris Rapoza, both from Trigger Effect. Listening to this line-up you know you have a super group with Machines Of Grace.

    Their self titled debut album was released barely one year after the band got together in 2008. Featuring 14 songs and over 55 minutes, the band makes a very solid statement by creating very catchy and well delivered Hard Rock/Heavy Metal sounding songs that most people can identify with.

  • Sortilegium – Unholy Land (2010)

    It’s nice to finally hear a decent new release in one of my favorite genres: Death/Doom Metal. Seems like most bands that played this genre have died down, or moved on to play Funeral Doom Metal (a genre that bores the shit out of me). But thanks to Mr. Tregor Russo and his band Sortilegium, the candle for this style of music is still lit.

    Sortilegium has been and on and off band, and finally is back with “Unholy Land” a 4-song promo that has made me dig up my old Paramecium, etc albums. After this statement you can figure out how good this release is.

  • My Darkest Side – Death Begins (2010)

    While we usually don’t like bands that play Death-core, My Darkest Side has managed to make us more open to this genre. This young band delivers a very solid 12 minute promo with “Death Begins” that will leave you wanting more.

    “Death Begins” is a perfectly recorded promo release that shows that if there is a will there is a way. Nowadays unsigned bands are putting out more crap music than ever, thanks to cheap recording equipment and the myspace era. But My Darkest Side manages to shine away from their competition by having a very professional promo release.

  • Windfaerer – Glory Bound (2009)


    Today we find ourselves reviewing the 2 song demo of Windfaerer, an American band that plays a very interesting sounding Pagan/Folk Metal. And the only problem we find about this demo is that is too short.

    The band hailing from New Jersey, has a very polished style and when they release their first full-length (which is on the works now) will surely take the scene by surprise. The songwriting for both songs is very well alternated with mid-tempo passages to blazing fast sections.

  • Age Of Evil – Get Dead (2009)


    Hailing from the USA we get this very young and promising Heavy/Trash Metal band called Age Of Evil. Most band members can’t legally but a drink but they can rock the shit out of many bands of this genre.

    “Get Dead” is the band’s latest release that features 2 new songs (“Cruel Intentions” and “Get Dead”), as well as a few covers (“Slave To Grind” of Skid Row and “Electric Eye” from Judas Priest), and 2 live songs. You can clearly see the Judas Priest, Iron Maiden and even some Metallica influences in the band’s sound.

  • Enemy Reign - Means To A Dead End (2008)


    For the countless fans of Death Metal we have today a pretty solid band from the USA called Enemy Reign. These Colorado based outfit present us with their very brutal EP called “Means To A Dead End”.

    The band features nothing ‘original’ about their music, other than the fact that is fast paced and brutal. It follows all the traditional elements of Death Metal: The furious drumming, blazing guitar riffs and hooks, and subhuman growls.


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