• Violet Sun – Loneliness in Supremacy (2010)


    Featuring a very bombastic (and futuristic) sound, today we have Violet Sun, an unsigned band from Italy. The band does a very good job in creating Symphonic Power Metal songs that are as good as any other signed band that plays similar music. But Violet Sun adds a wide variety of different elements to the mix, creating a very peculiar sound of their own.

    Our first comparison that comes to mind is with Edenbrigde. Both bands rely on a Symphonic Power Metal foundation accompanied by Female vocals. However, Edenbrigde relies more on ‘massive’ arrangements and some guitar virtuosity all courtesy of Lanvall. Violet Sun has more Progressive Metal elements in their sound, as well as clean Male vocals that sometimes hit the spot, but in other occasions sound a bit off.

  • hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA – Feed On Me (2010)


    With a very interesting mixture of Alternative Metal/Rock with some Post-Metal/Rock influences we have hYPNOTIC hYSTERIA from Italy. The band does a great job at sounding like nobody else does by borrowing many influences from ‘commercially’ stable bands as well as the brilliant underground pool of Post-Metal/Rock bands.

    One thing we immediately agree on is that the band creates very hypnotic atmospheres that are very well crafted. This shows great songwriting skills from the band and makes “Feed On Me” a very interesting release to have. We must say that this band can generate a following from both the ‘commercial’ world and the underground.

  • Scuffproof – Demonstration Of Strength (2010)


    Hailing from the small town of Tübingen, Germany, today we have Suffproof with their four songs EP. The band plays traditional neck breaking Death Metal. While they do not provide anything original or super brutal to the genre, “Demonstration Of Strength” is a pretty solid first release for the band.

    Kubo, the band’s vocalist, kicks off the release with a very ‘nice’ message to all the special people in his life, and jumps straight into a crunchy DM riff and some growls. Immediately you can notice some issues with the recording quality of this release since the vocals standout WAY too much as the guitar fills the background and the drums are just a distant banging sound.

  • Great Awakening – Hit n Run (2009)


    Jumping on the Trash revival bandwagon we have Great Awakening from the USA. Having formed in Florida in 2006, the band does a great job in bringing the good-old days of Trash back. Great Awakening’s music is very decent for a Trash Metal release, but they do not offer any edge that would allow us to consider them a force to be reckoned with.

    Their 2009 demo titled “Hit n’ Run” showcase 3 very decent songs Trashy songs that have the old-school vibe, but are missing some soul and originality to them. While we don’t expect every band to re-invent the wheel, we do expect some level of originality when it comes to playing a genre that has been around for over 20 years.

  • Scarred – Haunting Memories (2010)


    Next up we have Scarred and their Power Metal music with “Haunting Memories”, their latest EP. Hailing from the USA the band does a great job at incorporating influences from Metal Church and even the all-mighty Savatage into their sound. The album features 24 minutes of nicely composed songs that sound fresh compared to what most Power Metal bands are doing these days.

    Without exploiting the ‘let’s play as fast as we can’ approach, the band creates solid songs that feature ‘slower’ but crushing riffs. Sometimes they even sound a bit like Doom/Stoner Metal bands, and we totally dig this different approach to a genre that is full of virtuosos showing off.

  • Jewish Juice – Hidden Into Rotten… With a Black Flame of Light (2007)


    Hailing from Italy we have Jewish Juice. This Italian band plays a mean combination of Trash/Death and Black Metal. “Hidden Into Rotten” is the band’s second release and shows signs of a good band that needs to mature a little bit. The album mixes 3 very chaotic tracks with two tracks that are very solid, showing the band’s future potential.

    The band’s musical style needs to be refined a bit more since the combination of genres is sometimes annoying since there are several Death metal oriented tracks mixed with Black Metal songs, and we would prefer that those things are either properly combined or just pick one genre. This is usually the problem we find with beginner bands, they want to do many things but they can’t merge them together properly.

  • Jewish Juice – Soaring Above Death (2009)


    After listening to Italy’s Jewish Juice second release “Hidden Into Rotten… With a Black Flame of Light” we were very interested to listen if the band’s talent was going to be consolidated into creating a better release than “Hidden Into Rotten”. For our general surprise the band has done a great job in maturing and crafting their own sound and not needing to throw a bunch of shit together in order to sound brutal or different. With “Soaring Above Death” we get 5 songs that really show what this band is capable off.

    In “Soaring Above Death”, the band has come to terms and decided to go with a Black Metal foundation that has Death Metal influences, but it’s never chaotic and badly constructed like on some songs of their previous release. The vocals still vary between growls and BM screams, but they feel more uniform and never get to be obnoxious.

  • Norse – Hellstorm (2010)


    Hailing from Australia, today we have Norse, a young band that plays Viking/Melodic Death Metal with a vengeance. These Aussies are ready to break shit and waste no time in doing so with the Amon Amarth sounding first track “Hellstorm”. All through the album the same level of intensity is consistent, and we completely love that.

    The band is heavily influenced by Amon Amarth (and similar Nordic mythology influenced Black/Death Metal bands) as we can tell from the way their music sound, the cover art, and the song names. But make no mistake and think that Norse is just a cheap clone of previously mentioned bands; they are pretty good at creating original music that stands by itself.

  • Kaos – The Pits Of Existence (2010)


    With the Spotlight shining on the Bay Area Trash Metal scene once more we have legendary bands releasing their finest releases to date like Exodus and Heathen. We also have other bands resurrecting like Forbidden, all this activity has made other bands like Kaos want to make another push to establish themselves as major players of the scene.

    Kaos has been around since the late 80’s releasing demo after demo until their first album saw the light of day in 2000 with “Vision Beyond”. After that the band signed to Relentless Records in order to release “Kaos Among Us”. Fast-forward to 2010 and we get the band’s latest offering with “The Pits Of Existence”, an album that clearly captures the old-school feeling and it’s marked to push Kaos into the spot light.

  • Distractress – Escalate The Thrill (2009)


    Arriving from Finland, this month we have Distractress 3-song demo called “Escalate The Thrill”. This relatively young band does an interesting job in mixing Trash Metal influences with a modern Metal influences. The band sometimes sounds like the newer Amoral, in a good way! Nobody can sound as bad as Ari Koivunen does in that album.

    Anyways, “Escalate The Thrill” features 3 songs that will have many people scratching their heads as why the band chose to use clean vocals over Trash Metal influences paired with Melodic Metal. However, the band does pull it off to some extent. Sometimes the clean vocals get a bit overpowering and just sound annoying, but the band has the right idea when it comes to the music.


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