• Jewish Juice – Soaring Above Death (2009)


    After listening to Italy’s Jewish Juice second release “Hidden Into Rotten… With a Black Flame of Light” we were very interested to listen if the band’s talent was going to be consolidated into creating a better release than “Hidden Into Rotten”. For our general surprise the band has done a great job in maturing and crafting their own sound and not needing to throw a bunch of shit together in order to sound brutal or different. With “Soaring Above Death” we get 5 songs that really show what this band is capable off.

    In “Soaring Above Death”, the band has come to terms and decided to go with a Black Metal foundation that has Death Metal influences, but it’s never chaotic and badly constructed like on some songs of their previous release. The vocals still vary between growls and BM screams, but they feel more uniform and never get to be obnoxious.

  • Pestilence – Resurrection Macabre (2009)


    When Patrick Mameli decided it was time to bring back Pestilence, he enlisted the services of Tony Choy (Bass) and Peter Wildoer (Drums) in order to record “Resurrection Macabre”, the band’s return to their Death Metal days, and first album in 16 years. Many people where left off wondering what happened to Pestilence with their very good (and for some atrocious) release of “Spheres” an album that saw the band change their musical style considerably.

    “Resurrection Macabre” in a few words is: A fucking brutal and technical release. This album is something we were expecting from Pestilence back in 1993, however this release still sounds good for this time thanks to a superb production. Patrick has brought back the full aggressive Pestilence sound that we all loved from their beginnings and the technical aspect of “Spheres” combined together into a brilliant release.

  • Lux Ferre - Atrae Materiae Monumentum (2009)


    With all the hundreds of Black Metal albums being released every month is hard to determine which ones are worth buying. Today we have Lux Ferre from Portugal and their second full-length album “Atrae Materiae Monumentum”, this release is one the ones we can easily recommend you spend your money on.

    The band plays a very basic and Black Metal that has the old-school feeling to it but it’s not under produced to sound like it was recorded in the woods or in the bathroom. Lux Ferre centers their sound on aggressive riffing and relentless drumming, an old but effective formula that fans of true Black Metal will greatly appreciate.

  • Angmar - Zurück in die Unterwelt (2009)


    For all of us that like our Black Metal with some Melodic aspects to it, today we have Angmar, a French band that would easily be considered a pissed-off version of Alcest. Angmar features magical acoustic/atmospheric passages similar to what Alcest, Fen, Celestia, etc. are doing but with an overall focus on Black Metal.

    “Zurück in die Unterwelt” is the band’s second full-length album and a very memorable one. The band kicks off the album with a very hypnotic atmospheric part with backing choruses that sets the stage for the Black Metal assault that is to follow. The whole album varies between melodic sections into full-on BM aural assaults.

  • Orwell – Endeavors (2009)


    Out of the countless new bands playing Melodic Death Metal is not hard to identify which ones are worth listening to and which ones are just products of trendsters trying to make a quick buck. Orwell from Wisconsin is one of the few that are worth listening to. The band combines the old Swedish Melodic DM sound with some Trash influences and bits of the more modern Metalcore sound.

    Delivering one crushing tracks after another one; “Endeavors” is a very powerful second release from this young American band that hopefully dethrones most of the current trendy Metalcore bands that the kiddies seem to enjoy so much. With its strong Swedish influences, Orwell demanded immediate attention from us, and will surely do the same for the rest of the listeners.

  • Ichabod – 2012 (2009)


    With the waves of bands playing Stoner Rock/Metal with Psychedelic influences we have a hard time finding something worth listening to. Ichabod solves this problem for us with 2012, their 3rd full-length album in 11 years of existence. The band does a good job in reminding us what this genre is all about with their grooviness and heaviness.

    Hailing from Massachusetts, the band has the traditional American sound of this genre. They also do a great job in capturing the moodiness of stoner rock and making it their own. However, in whenever the band uses clean vocals they sound terrible; the singer really needs to get some lessons before attempting them again. The harsh vocals are good enough for a release of this kind.

  • Distractress – Escalate The Thrill (2009)


    Arriving from Finland, this month we have Distractress 3-song demo called “Escalate The Thrill”. This relatively young band does an interesting job in mixing Trash Metal influences with a modern Metal influences. The band sometimes sounds like the newer Amoral, in a good way! Nobody can sound as bad as Ari Koivunen does in that album.

    Anyways, “Escalate The Thrill” features 3 songs that will have many people scratching their heads as why the band chose to use clean vocals over Trash Metal influences paired with Melodic Metal. However, the band does pull it off to some extent. Sometimes the clean vocals get a bit overpowering and just sound annoying, but the band has the right idea when it comes to the music.

  • Condemned To Live – Nuke First…Ask Questions Later (2009)


    Every once in a while we get tired of listening to over produced albums Death Metal that sound so good that sometimes we even forget we are listening to Metal, something that has to be brutal and aggressive, not pretty sounding. For those occasions we have found the perfect solution: Condemned To Live’s debut album “Nuke First…Ask Questions Later”.

    The band hails from San Jose, California, and it’s formed by a very peculiar group of individuals (so they claim). Featuring a Porn Star and a Cannabis Cup participant as the most notable one, the band plays Death Metal with some Grind and Black Metal influences. With 8 tracks and 35 minutes of music they have a solid calling card with “Nuke First” and hopefully will allow them to generate enough buzz for them to keep releasing albums like this.

  • Post Mortem – Message For The Dead (2009)


    As one of the first underground Death/Trash Metal bands in the USA, Post Mortem has left a handful of cult releases, most notably “Coroner’s Office” back in 1986. The band never reached its full potential and being in hiatus for most of the 90’s due to internal conflicts we are left only with pieces of what could have been an even more influential band.

    Reforming back in 2003 with their “Coroner’s Office” line-up the band was set for a comeback, only to be set back by the death of John McCarthy, the band’s vocalist. Fast-forward several years; we get “Message For The Dead”, the band’s long awaited latest release. A release that is a tribute to McCarthy and to apace the longtime fans of this band.

  • Kratornas - The Corroding Age of Wounds (2009)

    Coming from the Philippines we recently received this very brutal and chaotic release names “The Corroding Age of Wounds” from the one-man band Kratornas. The band furiously mixes Black Metal with Grindcore influences creating a very think cloud of chaos.

    Kratornas has been around since 1995 has released a countless number of demos, Ep’s and split albums before releasing their first full-length album “Over the Fourth Part of the Earth” back in 2007. While the band’s style is nothing new or original, it will surely turn heads because of its brutality and restless drumming.


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