Thrash Metal

  • Tramortiria – Wrath among the Dead (2012)


    Arriving from Italy with their crunchy guitar sound and their crafty song writing abilities, today we have Tramortiria’s debut full-length release “Wrath among the Dead”. With so many Thrash Metal bands popping out these days, it is good to hear one that actually has decent music for a change. Featuring over 45 minutes of catchy music, “Wrath among the Dead” is one of those releases you can’t afford to miss if you are a Thrash Metal fan.

    Opening with the atmospheric intro “Dust”, the band fully settles in their own style with the crushing “1936”. This song features very powerful and crunchy guitars that are nicely complemented by a pulsating bass guitar line and very tight drumming. The vocals are strong and nicely put together to fit the overall power behind the music. The instrumental “Earth Attack” nicely continues the onslaught of catchy riffs with almost 3 minutes of very well crafted and groovy music. This song in turn bleeds into “World of Fashion”, a track that sounds just like something that Dark Angel, Kreator, or any other Thrash Metal great would have belted out back in the day.

  • The Kandidate – Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death (2012)


    Opening 2012 for Napalm Records today we have The Kandidate’s sophomore release “Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death”. The band plays and inferior version of label mates Hatesphere’s Groove infused Thrash Metal. While not entirely bad, “Facing the Imminent Prospect of Death” is an album devoid of any originality and it is as vanilla as you can get.

    Featuring the original Hatesphere singer Jacob Bredahl, this release indeed sound a bit like older Hatesphere without the constant improvement they offered through the years. The crunchy opening track “Death” delivers pretty solid riffing and a very catchy nature, but it kind of feels a bit cold for an opening track. The music gets a bit better in the next track, but it never really picks up. We have some nice powerful riffs that circle around the songs a bit too much and never really hooked us into liking the tracks.

  • Austrian Death Machine – Jingle All the Way (2011)


    With a hefty dose of pounding guitars and Arnold Schwarzenegger ridicule, today we have Austrian Death Machine and their latest single “Jingle All the Way”. Featuring three songs of hilarious and very well crafted Metal, As I Lay Dying’s Tim Lambesis is ready for another round of wackiness.

    Opening with “I’m not a Pervert”, the ‘band’ delivers high-octane guitar riffing with crushing vocals and some Arnold-like spoken sections. This song is very well crafted and pretty brutal indeed, it just makes it even better with the funny lyrics. Next on the agenda, the pounding “It’s Turbo time” delivers more devastating guitar riffs and a nice intensity.

  • Mhorgl – Heresiarch (2011)


    Delivering waves of technical aggression with an old-school Thrash sound, today we have Australia’s Mhorgl and their devastating third full-length “Heresiarch”. With over 45 minutes of meticulously crafted Thrash/Black Metal, this band is set to make some noise in the scene with their relentless tracks filled with technical nuances that only a handful of bands can pull off. Just imagine Obscura playing Thrash infused songs and you will get a glimpse of what this band is unleashing.

    Starting with the hellish “Inheriting the Mantle of Power”, the band sets the standard very high with crazy guitar riffing, crushing solos and inhuman drumming. The vocals are also very demonic and they have that snarl that perfectly fits the whirlwind sound of the band. Pounding through tracks like “Ophidian Legacy” (featuring killer guitar wizardry and a punchy Southern vibe), “Black World Militia” and “Ravenous Wargod”, the band delivers high-octane music that will max out your heart rate.

  • Eskeype – Legacy of Truth (2010)


    All the way from Switzerland today we have a band called Eskeype (is this pronounced Skype?), and their very catchy mixture of Groove Metal and Thrash Metal with some hints of a few other genres mixed in-between. For 13 tracks the band gives us a very in your face approach with hectic drumming, catchy and powerful riffing and aggressive vocals that will exhaust even the most active mosher from our readers.

    Immediately after a very dynamic prologue, the band delivers waves of powerful riffs and aggressive vocals with the first two tracks “The Chronicle’s Origin Part One” and part two. In these two tracks the band quickly demonstrates their ability to craft very catchy guitar sections and pair them with crushing vocals. The melodic passages are excellent and the use of violins (a la Dark Lunacy) is just excellent, giving them a nice Melodic edge to their music.

  • Hatesphere – The Great Bludgeoning (2011)


    After multiple line-up changes, today we have the return of Hatesphere and their aggressive Thrash Metal sound, but now refined with a Hard Rock edge that makes them even better than before. Changing vocalist is a major move for any band, but Esse Hansen delivers powerful pipes that nicely fit the band’s evolved sound.

    Through the nine tracks presented in “The Great Bludgeoning”, the band delivers powerful Thrash Metal anthems that sound very sophisticated and intriguing since they don’t seem to be ‘more of the same’ stuff we get with countless Thrash releases these days. With the powerful opener “The Killer”, we immediately listen to the different distortion and melodic nature of the guitar riffs, something very refreshing considering the band’s previous two releases sounded very similar to each other.

  • Untimely Demise – City of Steel (2011)


    All the way from the Nordic lands of Canada, today we have Untimely Demise’s debut full-length release “City of Steel. While the band plays the traditional Thrash/Death Metal game, there are a few elements here and there to make this release standout from the countless dull bands we get every week.

    Having some early Children of Bodom (vocals and some guitar work) edge makes “City of Steel” a nice 32 minute release that will not go easily forgotten. In the opening “Virtue In Death” track, we have the traditional Thrash/Death Metal sound back in the day, but the guitar work is what makes this song (and album) more entertaining and different.

  • Zerstörer - Panzerfaust Justice (2010)


    Marking Zerstörer second full-length release today we have “Panzerfaust Justice”. In this album the band wastes no time and delivers an in-your-face Black/Thrash Metal assault of the most rudimentary and crushing fashion. The band features no fancy elements, just the traditional metal lineup and a shit ton of build up anger inside, perfect for Black/Thrash Metal.

    Over the span of nine songs, the band does deliver very aggressive tracks full of raw energy and sound, but it also falls short in creating something we haven’t heard before. The bands sound is very traditional and is limited to the very similar structures in each song. While there is nothing bad in this, after the first 4 songs you start to get drowsy and with a sudden urge to change the CD.

  • Sylosis – Edge of the Earth (2011)


    Getting rid of the Metalcore-ish crap that influenced their near perfect debut album “Conclusion of an Age”, Sylosis returns sans previous vocalist with the crushing and mind-blowing sophomore release “Edge of the Earth”. If you thought the first one was pretty good, wait until you listen to this one.

    With the band’s front man Josh Middleton now handling the vocals, Sylosis has become more vicious and will surely please any Thrash/Melodic Death Metal fan out there. This release features endless amounts of brilliant Thrash riffs and melodic sections that will pummel you into submission.

  • Intervention - Growing Line of Caskets (2011)


    All the way from the artic circle in Finland, today we have the Thrash-tastic 3rd demo of Intervention called “Growing Line of Caskets”. In this very effective demo, the band presents us with 3 tracks and around 16 minutes of excellently crafted Thrash-infused Death Metal tracks that will surely take you by surprise.

    Starting with “The Mortal Shell of Man”, the band quickly makes a strong impression with excellent Thrash riffing, elaborate drumming and a three-prong attack on vocals. This song is very well crafted and shows a level of maturity far superior to other bands that are signed to bigger labels. The band’s sound is dynamic enough to be both modern and ‘classical’ sounding at the same time.


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