Thrash Metal

  • Mortillery – Murder Death Kill (2012)


    Delivering high-intensity old-school Thrash Metal, today we have Canada’s latest export Mortillery and their debut album “Murder Death Kill”. As a full package that includes the typical Thrash Metal outfit, Mortillery is one of those bands that try to keep the past alive with some kickass songs featuring excellent musical abilities.

    Reminding us of Kreator with the excellent opener “Murder Death Kill”, this Canadians start their release with a huge bang. It is ridiculous to think that this band formed in 2009 and they are this good already. The track delivers awesome guitar skills paired with very crunchy drums. The girl on bass guitar also does a great job in keeping things bounded together with the pulsating bass line. Filled with catchy riffs and even better solos, “Sacrifice”, “Evil Remains”, and “Fritzls Cellar” further cement the band’s old-school roots and provide great headbanging passages.

  • Alter self – Promo (2012)


    Delivering three excellent Death/Thrash Metal tracks, today we have Alter self and their 2012 promo. In this short but sweet release, we are treated to nearly 12 minutes of very well composed music that will have you headbanging since the first minute. With a well-balanced mixture of old-school Thrash and aggressive Death Metal elements, this band has a very clear and direct sound that many others can only dream about.

    Opening with a bang, “My Sober Reflection” delivers very powerful riffs and a very nice bass guitar line that is pulsating in the background. With a very aggressive sound, this track delivers a hefty balance between Melodic Thrash Metal and hard-hitting Death Metal. The band’s musical abilities are pretty solid and all elements of this song work very well together.

  • Disaffected – Rebirth (2012)


    Hailing from Portugal, today we have a band that ‘waited’ for 17 years to release their second full-length release. Disaffected’s last album was back in 1995 and with “Rebirth” they deliver a very interesting and unique sounding release that is quite hard to categorize, but it’s very enjoyable to listen to. Mixing powerful guitar lines with hectic bass guitar sections, pummeling drums, crazy keyboards and harsh vocals, Disaffected has managed to catch us off-guard and produce something totally unique and different.

    After a very weird and trippy intro, “C.ult O.f M.y A.shes” and “Getting Into the Labyrinth” feature a wave of powerful guitars laid on top of intricate drumming. The vocals are very aggressive and they nicely add more brutality to the overall mix of thing. The structure of these songs is quite weird and unpredictable, and while there are some melodic portions, they keyboards and the bass guitar line seem to be on a completely different plane of existence. “Dreaming III (A Nightmare)” moves into more Avant-garde areas with a very chaotic nature and a crazy feeling of a terrible nightmare, as the name states.

  • Witchtrap – Vengeance Is My Name (2012)


    Arriving all the way from Colombia, today we have Witchtrap and their impressive old-school Thrash Metal release titled “Vengeance Is My Name”. Featuring 40 minutes of intense balls-to-the-wall Thrash Metal, this release is an early candidate for Thrash album of the year 2012. The band delivers the old-school vibe brilliantly and their compositions are both entertaining and technically proficient.

    After the misleading acoustic intro track, “Winds of War” delivers the first of many pummeling assaults of catchy riffing, high-octane drumming, and traditional Thrash Metal slur unlike anything we have hear this year. The band’s ability to sound like Kreator, Death Angel, Forbiden, used to do in the 80’s its impressive, but what is more impressive is how they complement the sound with even more technical abilities and keep the vibe intact.

  • Davidian – Our Fear Is Their Force (2012)


    Delivering a pummeling aural assault, today we have Davidian and their extreme “Our Fear Is Their Force” release. Featuring brutal guitars, hellish vocals and a very intense drumming, this is probably one of the best Thrashcore/Groove Metal releases we have reviewed in a while.

    After the momentum building intro track “F.S.O”, the band quickly explodes into an all-out riffing war with “Behind An Angelic Smile”. The production behind this release is massive and makes speakers shake due to the sheer power behind the guitar work and harsh singing. The band’s sound borders between groovy and melodic, making it very effective and punishing. Some keyboards hints in tracks like “Manmade Hell” nicely give unexpected twists to the band’s pummeling songs.

  • Kaos – Validated in Blood (2012)


    Kaos, the Bay Area’s most underrated Thrash Metal band is finally back with five high-octane tracks that deliver the powerful message that the band needs a shot at the big leagues: ASAP. In “Validated in Blood” the band maintains their top notch form from their previous release “The Pits of Existence”, and delivers a very intense and powerful release.

    Opening with the pummeling “United We Kill”, the riff machine immediately starts and keeps things soaring high for the remainder of this release. Besides the killer riffing, Jason Darnell’s vocals are top notch, perfectly blending with the band’s aggressive music. The percussions in this song are excellent and the individual guitar work in the solos is top notch, something that many bands fail to put attention to, showcasing the abilities of Stacey Murray and Steve Brumbaugh.

  • Municipal Waste – The Fatal Feast (2012)


    Returning to their old ways after the so-so “Massive Aggressive”, Municipal Waste delivers “The Fatal Feast”. As a huuuuuge improvement over their previous album, this release features 16 solid tracks that cover everything between crossover, thrash, d-beat, and punk. For a span of 40 minutes the band will dominate the listener with a combination of their timeless sound and their ‘balls to the wall’ intensity.

    Now signed to Nuclear Blast, Municipal Waste quickly jumps into action with the Punk/Thrash track “Repossession”. On one side of this release you have a hefty dosage of Thrash elements on tracks like “New Dead Masters”, “Crushing Chest Wound”, and “Death Tax”, there are also plenty of Punkier songs like “Unholy Abductor”, “You’re Cut Off” and “12 Step Program”, and completing the release you have the remaining tracks featuring the Municipal Waste Crossover sound that we all love from the band’s latest releases.

  • Malevolence Records – 2012 European Tour Sampler (2012)


    In an action packed sampler, today we have Malevolence Records “2012 European Tour Sampler” featuring 4 different bands and two tracks each, a new one and an older one. With a nice spread of different musical genres (Thrash Metal and Melodic Death/Black Metal) this release is quite entertaining and shows promises for the upcoming releases of bands like KAOS and Septic Christ.

    Tracks one and five belong the American Thrash Metal act KAOS. Their brand of high-octane Thrash Metal was greatly received with their last release titled “Pits of Existence” from which “Let God Sort Them Out” comes from. The new track “Infernal Bleeding” continues where the band left off and delivers super guitar work and excellent drumming. The vocals are pretty standards and aggressive enough to keep fans of ‘more brutal’ genres interested. This track has a nice melodic edge to it and we can only hope their upcoming release “Validated in Blood” is as good as this song.

  • Aura Noir – Out to Die (2012)


    The self-titled ugliest band in Metal, Aura Noir, finally returns with a powerful new release titled “Out to Die”. Comprised of eight Black/Thrash Metal pieces, the band is ready to reclaim their throne and riff listeners into submission. With their signature down-and-dirty sound, the band delivers a very solid effort that will please all their fans and keep their legacy ugliness rolling.

    Lead by Apollyon (of Immortal fame), the band pummels through extremely catchy songs without any dull moments. Opening with the intense “Trenches”, the signature dirty Black/Thrash sound of Aura Noir is immediately present. Intense riffing and commanding drums beat the listener into submission with tracks like “Fed to the Flames”, “Abbadon”, and “The Grin from the Gallows”. The band ability to make simple yet very catchy songs is excellent, and with the vocals being strong and firm, we are more inclined to like this band more than Kreator and such.

  • Impiety – Ravage & Conquer (2012)


    Recently signed to Pulverised records, today we have Impiety and their eight full-length released titled “Ravage & Conquer”. Feeling like a bag of bricks to the face, “Ravage & Conquer” delivers some of the most brutal music Impiety has ever written. Pummeling through eight furiously paced tracks, this is one release that no fan of this band would want to miss.

    Opening like an epic soundtrack to some medieval battle, the guitars blast through things and the punishing drumming indicates that Impiety has arrived. “Revelation Decimation” is the 8 minute opener that delivers waves of brutal onslaughts of hellish vocals and crushing riffs. The band’s sound is cleaner than in previous releases and the overall feeling is very chaotic and brutal… just what the doctor ordered. Steamrolling with “Ravage & Conquer”, “Weaponized” and “The Scourge Majesty”, this release is off to a very brutal and intense start, not to mention several 8+ minute long anthems of destruction.


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