Thrash Metal

  • Sarke – Aruagint (2014)


    Featuring one of the most brilliant line-ups in Extreme Metal, today we have Sarke and their third full-length release “Aruagint”. Originally intended as a solo project of Sarke (Thomas Bergli  of Khold, Tulus, ex-Old Man’s Child fame), this all-star Black Metal super group combines rudimentary BM elements with Heavy/Thrash Metal and a good dosage of Hard Rock thrown into the mix to create a decadent yet truly Norwegian sound.

    Opening with the crunchy riffs of “Jaunt of the Obsessed”, we immediately take notice on the super production behind this release as well as the technical proficiency of everybody involved in the album. With a catchy Black’n’Roll attitude in tracks like “Ugly” and “Strange Pungent Odyssey”, we get that urge to headbang similar to what Vreid has been doing to crowds in their last releases. Having Asgeir Mickelson handling the drums, we get a full range of his Progressive skills infused into the music.

  • HELK – The Chronos (2013)


    Arriving from Mexico, today we have HELK and their very unique debut EP “The Chronos”. In this 6 song release, the band showcases a mixture of Black/Death/Thrash Metal that creates a melodic yet aggressive atmosphere very unique to this peculiar band. With a high dose of melodic riffs and epic headbanging moments, this is one EP that should not go unnoticed.

    Opening with “Dark Funeral”, the band showcases their melodic aptitudes with incisive riffs, tight drumming, and catchy harsh vocals. With a certain air of bands like Kalmah and Carcass the release keeps pushing forward with “Freedom”. The combination of deep growls and harsh BM-style screams is quite engaging and allows the music to grow in different directions. Other playful tracks play off to the Thrash Metal strengths of HELK like the blistering “Vistrera”.

  • Humanation – Demo’12 (2012)


    Arriving from Finland, today we have Humanation and their retro Thrash/Death Metal demo. Featuring three very catchy tracks that reek of newer Carcass all over them, these songs showcase the band’s strengths in delivering crunchy music that will appeal to any fan of the genre, and will leave you wanting more.

    As the demo opens, the first track showcases the band’s riffing abilities. Without being too clean or too technical, the band gets their point across with catchy sections and hellish vocals. The snarls are very similar to Jeff Walker’s, and they make the music fit together quite well. The second song opens with a more playful approach but the band’s style is quite prevalent since the first few minutes. The drumming and percussions are quite active and very well crafted for these kinds of songs.

  • Malignant Monster – Yours in Murder (2013)


    Featuring a solid ensemble of musicians from bands like The Amenta and Mhorgl, today we have Malignant Monster and their Aussie Black/Death/Thrash Metal attack. In “Yours in Murder” the band delivers over 40 minutes of crushing music combining traditional Death and Thrash Metal elements with a BM edge and a very modern and refined sound.

    Making their presence felt, Malignant Monster delivers crushing riffs since the first song. This track has a vibe similar to The Amenta, but this suddenly changes with the band’s piercing tempo changes and devastating drumming. Certain melodic moments of songs like “Until It Withers” and “Nothing Left” nicely give a different edge to the band’s already polished sound.

  • Sepultura – The Mediator between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart (2013)


    Delivering another brilliant onslaught of aggressive and catchy songs, today we have Sepultura and their latest release “The Mediator between Head and Hands Must Be the Heart”. With over 45 minutes of their signature sound, the band goes throw a wide variety of equally intoxicating tunes that will have all fans headbaning from beginning to end, and puzzling some with a few unconventional (for Sepultura) songs. With the band’s ‘new’ drummer, Eloy Casagrande, fully incorporated with the band, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

    Opening with the powerful “Trauma of War”, we get the full-blown Seputural treatment with incisive riffs and pummeling vocals. The first unconventional song comes under the title of “The Vatican”, featuring very dark and sinister orchestrations to open. This reminded us a bit of Dimmu Borgir and Fleshgod Apocalypse thanks to how dramatic the song starts before it kicks off into full-on Sepultura mode with some pounding guitars and killer drumming. The tribal-esque drumming returns in “Impending Doom” and “The Bliss of Ignorants”, making these tracks very characteristic of the band.

  • Fanthrash - Apocalypse Cyanide (2013)


    Is it Thrash? is it Groove Metal? is it modern Death Metal? Those are the first things that come to mind when we started listening to Fanthrash’s crushing EP “Apocalypse Cyanide”. Featuring three songs filled with killer riffs, punishing vocals, and massive drums, this EP is one of the most dynamic and entertaining albums we have received in the last few years from an unsigned band.

    The release opens with the powerful riffing of “Apocalypse Cyanide”, a track that gives a slight Death (the band) edge with some more modern elements of bands like Gojira and Hacride. The riffing is quite heavy, but the song structures are Thrash-esque in nature, making it quite interesting to listen to. The vocals are quite varied and very aggressive, perfectly fitting the devastating nature of the band’s sound.

  • Destractive – Gospel of Warheads (2013)


    Delivering their fourth demo release, today we have Finland’s Destractive and their very unique and cohesive combination of Death/Thrash/Black Metal. Featuring four destructive tunes, this demo release shows the band’s maturity and how well they manage to blend all their influences in a very solid and powerful way. With a traditional line-up of two guitars, a bass guitar, drums and vocals, the band focuses more on effective musical structures than any gimmicks, making this release quite solid from beginning to end.

    The demo title track delivers the first wave of aural assaults with some Thrashy riffs and pummeling drums. The band nicely changes the temp into a more run-and-gun situation with excellent catchy sections and brutal speedups. This track has both Death and Thrash elements with some Black Metal-esque vocals, making a very solid combination and delivering sheer brutality to the listener. “Blood on the Soil” changes the pace a bit with incisive drumming and a slower tempo, giving more of a Black/Death Metal vibe at first, reminding us of Inquisition and even Watain at certain moments.

  • The Jasser Arafats – The Aftermath (2013)


    With a very engaging modern sounding Death/Thrash sound, Finland’s The Jasser Arafats deliver their latest EP titled “The Aftermath”. Featuring four tracks of catchy and heavy Death/Thrash Metal, the band showcases their solid songwriting skills and knack for aggressive guitar work fused with Thrash Metal roots. With a very well defined sound, this relatively young band shows that they are here to stay and make a mark for themselves.

    “Koma” opens the release with an in-your-face guitar onslaught. The melodic elements in the music make it very accessible, and the diverse riffs and tempos make it more enjoyable than your average release. The Death Metal roots are quite evident, but since the band’s sound is more dynamic, you will not find the repetitive groove sections that many bands rely on; a perfect example of this is “Traitors”.

  • Ulysses Siren – Above the Ashes (2003)


    With Thrash Metal being born back in the 80’s in the Bay Area, it is not surprising that many bands just didn’t get enough attention when they should have. Ulysses Siren is the perfect example of how a very high-quality band didn’t get a fair shake and ended up in relative obscurity. Being at least 5 times better than Dark Angel, Testament, Metallica, etc., this band delivers seven riff-driven tracks that represent the band’s early demos. With “Above the Ashes” we have a testament of a band that could have been something else if the right things would have worked out for them.

    Opening with “Terrorist Attack” we immediately feel the Bay Area Thrash vibe with the intense riffing and the crushing vocals. The band’s spares nothing and delivers a brutal riffing assault that only a few bands those days would have pulled off. Showing no mercy, “The Reich” keeps the intensity levels super high with some epic melodic passages and devastating solos. Rounding up their 1985 demo “Terrorist Attack”, featured in the first 3 songs of the album, “Lake of Fire” is the best track in this release, with a heavy Death Angel vibe mixed with some classic Kreator.

  • Arceye – At First Light (2013)


    Any album that has more than one wolf in the cover has the potential of being amazingly great or total shit. Luckily for us, “At First Light” is one hell of an interesting release spawning from the UK. Arceye delivers in their sophomore full-length album ten tracks of very intriguing Thrash infused Death Metal with hearty melodic elements. If you like dynamic music that keeps you guessing from start to finish, this is one release you don’t want to miss.

    The band starts pounding away with a very catchy melodic passage at the opening of the album title track. As the guitar solos appear we immediately see a 180 degree switch into old-school Thrash Metal in the vein of Kreator and similar bands. Tracks like “The Storm” have that cool modern Death Metal vibe with a retro flair to them, making the band quite versatile while retaining their own signature style.


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