Stoner Metal

  • Moke’s – Moke’s (2015)


    Hailing from France, today we have Stoner Rock debutants Moke’s and their debut EP. Deliver five catchy and crunchy tracks, this EP showcases the attitude and musical skills behind this promising Parisian band. Greatly appealing to fans of fuzzy riff-driven Rock/Metal, this band craft very engaging songs that keep the energy rolling for the duration of the release.

    Opening with the warm and fuzzy rhythmical riffs of “Antics”, the band quickly showcases their fearless leader (and vocalist) Agnès Bernon. Her voice is a bit raspy and fits perfectly with the vibe created by the guitars and playful drums. Things continue to get more engaging with the brilliant guitar work of “Swamp”, featuring very intense leads and a certain Southern twang to this track.

  • Dö – Den (2015)


    Hailing from Finland, today we have riff-masters Dö, presenting their EP titled “Den”. In this release, the trio delivers Roadburn-caliber music divided into four songs with different moods. With tons and tons of bands playing Doom/Stoner Metal, it is quite rare to find ones that really make the impression that Dö manages to make in less than 35 minutes.

  • Leather Nun America – Buddha Knievel (2015)


    Hailing from San Diego, CA, this Stoner/Doom Metal outfit return with another pummeling full-length release titled “Buddha Knievel”. Invoking the likes of EyeHateGod, Crowbar mixed with Pentagram’s vibe, this band delivers eleven tracks of solid music that will satisfy any fan of the genre and will further propagate the power of the riff.

    After the trippy prologue, the band presents their full-on Stoner Doom elements in the warm up “Into the Abyss”. The band’s sound is quite organic and natural, with the clean vocals working perfectly well with the nature and pace of their music. Getting fully into the groove, “Warwolf” has that warm and fuzzy vibe of old-school Doom thanks to the pulsating riffs. The melancholic clean passages offer very cool guitar leads and nice instrumentation to change the tempo of the song a few times.

  • Kröwnn – Magmafröst (2015)


    Finally getting a proper physical release, today we have Italy’s Kröwnn and their debut riff parade titled “Magmafröst”. With over 45 minutes of music, this release features very Sludgy/Doomy music that will keep any fan of the genre hypnotized for the whole time. In a similar configuration to Ides of Gemini, this band features two female members (bass guitar and drums) and a male vocalist/guitarist, making this very compact lineup pack a lot of punch in terms of music.

    After the typical filler intro, the band dives into some crushing Doom riffs with “Skeksis Dance”. This track instantly shows the band’s commitment to the power of the riff. The vocals are bit on whiny side, at least for us, but very fitting for such a release. The band continues to pummel through songs like “Wyvernking” and “Wölfhunt”, both of which have a certain Sludge/Stoner vibe to them.

  • Rosy Finch – Witchboro (2015)


    With a crushing and hypnotic mixture of Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal/Rock influences, today we have Spain’s Rosy Finch and their debut full-length release “Witchboro”. Divided into two ‘movements’, this debut release features a merciless first side and then it mellows out into a more experimental and melodic nature, showcasing the wide musical range from this very promising young trio. Filled with heavy riffs from start to end, this is one unconventional release that you should definitely check out.

    Opening with the droning “Úrsula”, we get a very hearty dose of fuzzy distortion and intoxicating female lead vocals. With both Mireia Porto and Elena García contributing to the vocals, we get a richer and more diverse aural experience in this album. Focusing on delivering riffing riffs, “Hyde Formula” is one hell of a track that will make your speakers rattle thanks to its pulsating bass guitar line and solid percussions.

  • Witches of Doom – Obey (2014)


    Extreme catchiness arrives today under the name of Witches of Doom and their debut release “Obey”. Expertly mixing Doom/Sludge elements with Gothic Rock and infusing them with an extra dosage of grooviness, this Italian band delivers nine superb tracks that are extremely melodic and totally awesome.

    The album opens with the Southern/Twangy “The Betrayal”, a song that instantly showcases the band’s talented singer Fed Venditti. With a very deep alternative rock/gothic vocals, this is the signature element that bands need these days to stand out from the pack. As the band goes through tracks like “Witches of Doom”, “Needless Needle” and “To The Bone”, we notice influences of bands like H.I.M, Lacrimas Profundere, and other Gothic Metal/Rock bands, but with a slight Sludgy twist.

  • Colossus of Destiny – In Lesser Brightness (2013)


    Arriving from France, today we have Sludge/Stoner Metal band Colossus of Destiny and their debut full-length “In Lesser Brightness”. Featuring a barrage of crushing riffs divided into 6 neck snapping tracks, France is greatly stepping up their game in terms of bands and this is one of the better ones.

    Opening the album we have the expansive “Dismay in Empty Eyer”, clocking in at 7 minutes this song features a wide variety of movement and greatly shows the band’s composition skills. Layering their Sludge/Stoner elements with some Neurosis-like Post-Metal antics, the band nicely keeps things fresh and interesting on tracks like “Unleashed” and “Get Lost”. While considerably shorter than the first song, they greatly develop the band’s sound.

  • Solar Halos – Solar Halos (2014)


    Arriving from the South of the USA, today we have Solar Halos and their self-titled debut album to be released on UK’s Devouter Records. Featuring six fuzzy and warm Psychedelic/Stoner Rock tracks, this trio delivers a top notch release that will instantly put them on the map. Led by the hypnotic vocals of Nora Rogers, this band sounds like a more accessible Jex Thoth with some Spirit Caravan thrown into the mix.

    Opening with fuzzy distorted guitars, “The Vast White Plains” fully showcases the band’s sonic power. The music tempo is quite mellow and very bluesy. In “Tunnels” we dive deeper into the rabbit hole with warm riffs and very fitting vocals. The trio has expert songwriting skills and they show through the perfectly timed tempo changes in their songs, as we can clearly appreciate on “Migration”.

  • Oruga – Oruga (2013 Reissue)


    Today we have Oruga and the re-release of their 2011 self-titled EP on Apathia Records. Delivering six punishing tracks of an excellent mixture of Doom, Stoner, and Sludge Metal, this French band makes quite an impact with their powerful sound. If like bands like Neurosis, Year of No Light, Dark Buddha Rising, and The Ocean, you cannot afford to miss this pummeling release.

    Starting with the incisive riffing of “Northern Promises”, the band immediately gets a hold of the listener by the neck with their raw brutality. The guitars have a certain Stoner/Sludge inclination, but the overall Doom vibe is quite vibrant. The screams of Cedric M. are quite fitting for the genre and nicely resonate over the powerful song structures. Reminding us a bit of Hacride, “Kissing the Void” keeps the intensity with interesting tempo changes and imposing drumming.

  • Moonbow – The End of Time (2013)


    With a huge Southern influence, today we have Moonbow and their extremely catchy release “The End of Time”. Featuring seven tracks of whiskey infused Hard Rock/Metal, this odd group of characters manage to craft one of the most complete and engaging releases of 2013. With a Survivor participant on vocals and members of Hank 3’s and Hermano, this odd mismatch works wonderfully when it comes to producing excellent melodies.

    The album opens with a very Southern vibe on “End of Time”, all down to the riffs we get that awesome feeling to immediately start drinking. The gracious vocals of Matt Bischoff are a true perfect fit to the band’s sound, perfectly complementing the Stoner Metal infused guitars. David McElfresh does a great job in handling the guitar duties to create a very lively and authentic atmosphere. While “Journey Of Their Iron Horse” is a superb and catchy tune, we found that the distorted vocals sounded a bit odd, taking some of the magic away.


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