Drone Metal

  • Monarch – Omens (2012)


    Hailing from France, today we have an album that is so thick and monolithic that will rattle your speakers and make your neighbors call the cops on you. Monarch’s sixth full-length release “Omens” delivers 36 minutes of crushing Drone/Sludge Metal that is definitely not for the weak. With only three tracks in this release, the band delivers a very long and devastating compositions that will surely have any Drone/Sludge/Doom fan raving about for a very long time.

    Opening with the 13 minute behemoth “Blood Seeres”, the band’s distorted guitars will surely catch your attention (with feedback and everything). But it is probably the vocals, courtesy of Emilie Bresson, that will be the most disturbing element of this track. Emilie’s screams are just too raw and brutal to even begin to describe. The guitars are tune way low, just like the doctor ordered for a release in these genres, courtesy of Shiran Kaïdine of Year of No Light fame.

  • Aun / Habsyll – Split (2010)


    In the Aun / Habsyll split album we find a perfect example of why buying split releases is not always a good idea. Aun, hailing from Canada, crusher their listeners with their monumental Noise/Drone Doom music, and on the other side French Habysll bored us to death with their (luckly) single track in this release.

    Noise/Drone Doom is an acquired taste and it’s sometimes hard to differentiate the true genius from the plain terrible. In this release, you can easily do that since Aun propose more with their music and have enthralling passages that kept me engaged. On the other hand, Habsyll used one cord and some tribal drums to bore us to sleep.

  • 1349 - Revelations of the Black Flame (2009)


    I’m pretty sure this album will cause plenty of controversy since 1349 have been releasing brutally amazing Black Metal albums since their conception, and now they hit back with a very ‘weird’ experimentation album.

    1394 tries to experiment with Ambient, Black Metal and even some Drone stuff here and there, and they sound…. very different. I gave this album plenty of listens before I wrote this review since my original reaction was to be repulsed by it, but the again, I always think that bands should experiment and do different things instead of releasing the same album over an over.


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