• Howls of Ebb – The Marrow Veil (2015)


    Hailing from San Francisco, CA, today we have the miscreants of Howls of Ebb and their crushing “The Marrow Veil” EP. Being on the longer side of what people call EP’s (over 34 minutes); this is one dense release that wills truly challenge your musical preconceptions. Crafting a sickening mixture of Death/Black Metal with a thick atmospheric component this music is superbly raw and punishing.

    Opening with the 19-minute dissonant piece “Standing on Bedlam, Burning in Bliss”, this trio projects a very dense and raw sound that is quite hard to find. While some times they sound like old Sepultura and even Deiphago, the band also reminds us a bit of early The Ruins Of Beverast. There basic structure behind this track is quite catchy and enjoyable, making it a very unique and disturbing experience at the same time.

  • Hands of Despair – Hereafter (2015)


    Hailing from Canada, today we have Hands of Despair 2011 debut release “Hereafter” finally pressed on CD by Deathbound Records. Featuring a very unique mixture of Death/Doom/Black Metal, this release is truly a gem as it has tons of replay value just to discover all little elements thrown into the mix by the band. Featuring Egan O'Rourke of Daylight Days handling clean vocals in two of the six songs, this album has something for everybody and will appeal a wide variety of listeners.

    Opening in a doomy and atmospheric manner, “The Departure” nicely sets a very melancholic mood that is quickly unsettled by the harsh growls of David-Alexandre Brousseau but perfectly offset by Egan’s clean vocals. Clocking in around 10 minutes, this is one hell of an opener. Nearly with a 180 degree twist, “Shattered Memories” blasts off with some furious Black Metal-esque riffs and very dramatic atmospheric elements. While having plenty of atmospheric passages, this track is also quite heavy and rooted with Death/Black Metal elements.

  • Killing Gandhi – Cinematic Parallels (2015)


    Keeping the Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal sound alive, today we have Denmark’s Killing Gandhi debut release “Cinematic Parallels”. Filled with over 40 minutes of superbly catchy music, this band keeps things quite melodic and entertaining through the duration of this release. Formed by Martin Arendal and Kasper Gram of Manticora, Wuthering Heights and others, this band delivers a timeless sound with their own modern elements incorporated to the mix, appealing to any fan of Melodic Death Metal.

    The album is structured around 11 films that Martin Arendal greatly enjoys, but delivering his interpretation of them through the songs of this release. After a short intro, the band gets down to business with the explosive “The Cannibal Corpse”, a track that sounds like a mixture of Soilwork and Tracedawn with some electronic elements thrown into the mix. This super melodic and catchy vibe nicely continues through “What Lies Beneath” and “Drugs for a Mindfuck”, delivering memorable riffs and super tight drumming along the way.

  • Year of the Goat – The Unspeakable (2015)


    Hailing from Sweden, today we have Psychedelic/Occult Rockers Year of the Goat peddling their craft with “The Unspeakable”. Having loved their 2011 MCD “Lucem Ferre”, we were looking forward to this one for quite a while. Creating a special aura filled with an authentic retro vibe and a high emphasis on melody, the nine tracks presented in this release are magical and intoxicating.

    Slowly building up a very mysterious ambiance with “All He Has Read”, the band sets a magical shroud of mystery around their album early in the game. Combining elements of bands like Witchcraft, Purson, Jess and the Ancient ones, tracks like “Pillars of the South” and “The Emma” are haunting and very authentic sounding. Thomas Sabbathi is one hell of singer and his vocals greatly elevate all the songs in this album while giving them a very eerie vibe.

  • Kataklysm – Of Ghosts and Gods (2015)


    Continuing with their crafty melodic but brutal brand of Death Metal, today we have Kataklysm and their twelfth studio release “Of Ghosts and Gods”. In this ten-song album, the band dwells between mesmerizing melodic passages and punishing onslaughts keeping this release very fresh and well balanced. Releasing one music video per track, this is Kataklysm’s most ambitious album to date.

    Opening with the album with the pummeling drumming of “Breaching the Asylum” sets a very high note for the rest of this release. As “The Black Sheep” and “Marching through Graveyards” roll in we notice a certain melodic tempo that reins the first three songs, which greatly enhances the band’s unique and punishing sound. This last track sounds like a very interesting mixture of Cannibal Corpse with some Swedish Death Metal.

  • O Graceful Musing’s Burden - im draußen bricht sich das drinnen (2015)


    Arriving in a beautifully hand-crafted package, today we have “im draußen bricht sich das drinnen” from the German band O Graceful Musing’s Burden (OGMB). In this very atmospheric release, we are treated to around 50 minutes of very emotional and magical music. Perfectly blending Post-Rock soundscapes with some Folk and Post-Metal/Post-Black Metal outburst, the band continues to refine their very unique sound with the powerful release.

    Opening with the expansive “Nuboeiro Acrarante”, the band slowly builds tension with very sparse drums and playful guitar licks. With some parts in this track having Post-Black Metal levels of viciousness, the band manages to perfectly carve a unique listening experience through all their musical influences in under 16 minutes.

  • Locrian – Infinite Dissolution (2015)


    Slowly establishing themselves as one of the most innovative experimental Metal bands in the USA, today we have Locrian and their latest opus “Infinite Dissolution”. Nicely evolving over the years, this Chicago-based outfit perfectly blends elements from Post-Metal, Black Metal, Drone, and Noise, creating a super think and powerful atmosphere unlike anything else we have ever heard.

    Opening with the oppressive wall of sound of “Arc of Extinction”, the band creates the perfect introduction to their music. Crushing riffing, bi-polar drums, and very harsh vocals to open the track craft a truly unique opening experience. The band’s music weaves back and forth between styles and on this opener they give us a great sampler of what is to come. Mellowing out with “Dark Shales”, we find the Post-Rock-ish guitar leads quite engaging and well fitting. If you appreciate the band’s ‘noise’ side of their sound, “KXL I” is sort of an interlude that will satisfy your cravings.

  • Deathwhite – Solitary Martyr (2015)


    Hailing from the USA today we have a very melancholic band named Deathwhite. Delivering their second EP, “Solitary Martyr”, the band perfectly captures the late 90’s Katatonia / Anathema vibe and presents us with five dark and atmospheric songs. With a heavy and yet very depressive sound, this is one of those short releases that you will be stuck listening to for weeks.

    Opening with the very dramatic “Pressure”, we are instantly transported to the year Katatonia’s “Discouraged ones” was released and that certain melancholic atmosphere that many albums had those days. The band’s music is quite well crafted greatly complementing a very heartfelt vocal performance. Not all songs are only mellow and the heavy opening of “Suffer Abandonment” is a great reminder of that. This track even features some excellent Doom Metal riffs thrown into the mix.

  • Fixion – Paraíso (2015)


    Arriving all the way from Uruguay, today we have Fixion’s latest release “Paraíso”. Filled with over 44 minutes of catchy and melancholic Gothic Metal that spans influences from the early times of Gothic Rock to more recent Gothic Metal trends, this is one of those near perfect releases that are quite enjoyable. Combining a traditional somber Gothic atmosphere with catchy melodies makes and lush vocal arrangements, this release will appeal all fans of the genre.

    As the album opens with the playful “Paraíso”, the band leads with strong vocal arrangements and a very primal and catchy atmosphere. The band instantly reminded us of Anabantha another female-led Gothic Metal/Rock outfit that also sings mostly in Spanish. Greatly exploiting Tina Souto female vocal talents and perfectly combining them with a back-to-the-basics musical structure, tracks like “Hasta Amanecer” and “El Impulso” immerse the listener into Fixion’s musical work.

  • Xandria – Fire & Ashes (2015)


    Continuing with the momentum of the band’s latest masterpiece “Sacrificium”, today we have Xandria and their bombastic EP “Fire & Ashes”. Featuring 35 minutes of music that span a few new songs, some re-recorded tracks and two covers, this is enough material to hold off any fan of the band and the genre until the band’s new record is ready.

    Opening with a bombastic explosion, “Voyage of the Fallen”, delivers a very Epica-esque track that features very dynamic choir arrangements and a very dramatic musical progression. The band’s explosive sound is in full swing with this very apt opener, with Dianne van Giersbergen’s vocals shining from start to end. Changing the pace into a more melodic and head banging mode, the lush melodic passages of “Unembraced” make them perfect to start head banging. Both of these tracks are completely new and recorded especially for this release.


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