Agonia Records

  • Die Hard – Nihilistic Vision (2009)


    Die Hard is newcomer band to Trash Metal, and their debut “Nihilistic Vision” is a pretty solid debut full length that will surely please fans of the genre, but in my opinion it’s missing something to make them even better, and hopefully they manage to find this in time for their next album.

    With the current Trash Metal revival, I can’t think of a better time for this band to have released this album. Agonia Records must get a nod for perfectly timing the release of this album, especially when there are some many lackluster attempts at creating something as old school as this.

  • Mr. Death – Detached From Life (2009)


    Did I put it the right CD?, am I hearing things?, old school Death Metal done correctly?. Mr. Death feels like a band that was put in hibernation for 20 years and they are finally releasing their debut album “Detached From Life”.

    Featuring some members of Treblinka/Tiamat and Expulsion, Mr. Death makes a solid debut that shows that old school DM is timeless.

  • Temple Of Baal - Lightslaying Rituals (2009)


    Featuring members of Glorior Belli ( one of the best French Black Metal bands that I have reviewed recently) Temple of Baal plays some mean straight up Black Metal that many bands trying to be too ‘cult’ or overly symphonic need to pay attention to.

    My instant thought for comparison of this band is with Lord Belial, they both share the same approach to Black Metal, and I love it. The both play stripped down to the basics Black Metal that does not need the ‘we need to sound like shit to be evil’ production or the required tremolo picking riffs galore that makes you head hurt after a few songs.


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