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  • Infernal War/Kriegsmaschine – Transfigurations (2011)


    Usually when we get split albums it means that a label or two bands are trying to push substandard (read: mediocre) music that is never good enough for a full-length release. In “Transfigurations” we find that this is not the case since Infernal War and Kriegsmaschine are two promising Black Metal bands in the Polish BM scene and they are trying to get their stuff out there, and “Transfigurations” it-self is not a bad split at all.

    Infernal War starts off the split with their clear and evil brand of Black Metal that while not revolutionary or anything, it is quite effective in creating crushing songs. With “Primal Degradation” the band sets up the tone for their ‘side’ of the split with a raw and crushing sound that will put all doubters to rest. This song features a hefty amount of powerful riffs, brilliant production and super tight drumming that ask nothing from any of the ‘famous’ Black Metal acts.

  • Furze - Reaper Subconscious Guide (2010)


    In the category of the weirdest album we received in 2010, today we have Furze and their “Reaper Subconscious Guide” release. Being the band’s fourth full-length release, “Reaper Subconscious Guide” is full of surprises and a very old-school vibe that will throw most people off, and requires more than a few listens to fully digest.

    As a ‘tribute’ to Black Sabbath, Furze recorded all this tracks in vintage equipment from the 40’s to the 70’s, creating a very interesting sound that we rarely get to appreciate. The band also recorded it and mastered it especially for the Vinyl version of this release, and then mastered digitally for the CD release (the one we reviewed) so rest assured that you will have two different sounding products that will be equally impressive.

  • Weapon - From the Devil's Tomb (2010)


    One year after their crushing debut full-length “Drakonian Paradigm”, Canada’s mystical warmongers Weapon return with another brilliant Black/Death Metal assault with “From the Devil’s Tomb”. The band’s rich and multi-textured approach to the genre makes them one of the most devastating bands these days that mixes old-school elements with dynamic songwriting.

    As with the band’s first full-length, “From the Devil’s Tomb” features a highly charged mystical component behind the music in terms of lyrics and concepts, that is greatly brought to life with crushing guitar melodies, powerful riffs, intricate drumming and multi-faceted vocals. The band has greatly matured in one year, making “From the Devil’s Tomb” twice as chilling, and more technically impressive than “Drakonian Paradigm”.

  • Mr. Death - Death Suits You (2010)


    Featuring two members of the original Tiamat, Mr. Death hails from Sweden and it’s ready to blow you away with their super catchy horror-inspired Death Metal. Featuring a very traditional yet effective approach to Death Metal, “Death Suits You” is an album that will remind you of the days when DM was never overly technical and over produced.

    The band’s musical foundation lies with very catchy riffs and intense drumming that are landmarks of the genre. The tempo changes in the songs are another very solid element of this band’s sound and allow them to never get dull or (too) repetitive. Featuring such experienced musicians, Mr. Death has quickly gathered a following of DM fans and it’s easily understandable since their music is very powerful and effective.

  • Stench - In Putrescence (2010)


    With all the uninspired and borings as hell Death Metal releases these days, it comes to us as a shock that Stench’s debut full-length releases “In Putrescence” is as good as it is, especially for a debut album. Hailing from Sweden, the band takes the basics of Death Metal and crafts a very interesting and elaborate sound that makes them sound very unique in comparison to most DM releases these days.

    “In Putrescence” features 8 tracks of highly addictive Death Metal that will have you headbanging for the 30 minutes that the album lasts. This three man band takes a different approach to the chugging riffs of traditional Death Metal and features a wide variety of slow passages that create a very haunting atmosphere when combined with the mournful screams. But they manage to keep a very solid core of catchy riffs, blistering drumming and interesting song structures that never get dull.

  • Beissert – The Pusher (2010)


    Coming from Agonia records in late May we have Beissert’s sophomore release called “The Pusher”. Never knowing what to expect from this label we ventured into discovering what Beissert was all about, and we love it, the band combines influences from Crowbar, Pantera, Nevermore and tons of other bands in a rocking way that will leave you speechless.

    Beissert is probably one of the freshest sounding bands that we have heard in quite a while. After several listens to this album, the melodies behind the songs are stuck in our heads, something that does not happen quite often. The band has a very groovy and bombastic rocking sound that will have you headbanging from start to end.

  • Nefarium – Ad Discipulum (2010)


    There have been plenty of Black Metal releases in the last few months, but none of them stick out the way “Ad Discipulum” does. Nefarium is a Black Metal band hailing from Italy, and they have clear Swedish BM influences in their sound. Featuring Garghuf from Enthroned fame, you know you are in for an intense trip down to hell with “Ad Discipulum”.

    For all of you that are tired of watered down BM releases, Nefarium is here to blow you away with this no holds barred album that will surely be on many top 10 Black Metal albums list in 2010. The band captures the Swedish BM essence with perfection and brings it upon us in the most furious way to every come out of Italy.

  • Angst Skvadron – Sweet Poison (2010)


    Once in a while we get a CD that we have to listen more than a few times in order to determine what the hell is going on!. Arriving from Agonia Records we got “Sweet Poison” by the Norwegian outfit named Angst Skvadron formed by T. Nefas, better known by his work with Urgehal.

    At a first glance you would imagine this album came straight out of an alien horror movie. But after a few more listens you are able to detect what could be considered either pure genius or just a demented release from somebody that has huffed too much paint. We believe is the later, since “Sweet Poison” has gained a very special spot in our ‘weird avant-garde stuff’ play list that includes releases by Arcturus, Ulver and Solefald, just to name a few.

  • Inferno – Black Devotion (2009)


    Inferno is one of those bands that sadly enough only the hardcore Black Metal fans know about, they have been around since 1996 and have released 4 full-length albums and countless of splits. EP’s and live albums. Now on Agonia records I hope Inferno gets the recognition they deserve.

    “Black Devotion” as its press sheet states, is a crushing album that will eat all fake Black Metal fans for breakfast. It’s fast, it’s brutal and it’s basically a full-on aural assault that will make your speakers cry blood.

  • Aosoth – Ashes Of Angels (2009)


    Hailing from France and making its way on to my sounds system today I find Aosoth, one of the latest signings from cult Polish based Agonia Records. This band features MkM from the legendary Antaeus and BST ex-member of Aborted. This two headed monster plays as you can expect: Black Metal.

    The band’s style is somewhat old school and the music is very basic, taking a lot of elements of early 90’s Death Metal, combined with Black Metal overtones, creating a very dense and diabolical sound.


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