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  • Archgoat - The Light-Devouring Darkness (2009)


    This Finish band plays the style of Black / Death metal that I dislike the most, so I’ll try to be as objective as possible for the sake of the review. The band had an 11 years hiatus and came back to deliver their satanic message with a vengeance. I must say that the sound quality of this album is exactly the similar to a low budget production circa early 90’s.

  • Ruins – Cauldron (2009)


    The metal heads from Ruins hail from Tasmania, Australia, and their music is indeed very interesting. The band is labeled as Black Metal and you can clearly hear the influences and some songs a very straight forward Black metal (track 5). Other songs are a different mutation of Black Metal that I have a hard time pointing out.

  • Old Wainds - Death Nord Kult (2009)


    Old Wainds hails from Russia, and their sound is a quite interesting mix of Black Metal with some Trash elements and some Shoe-gaze elemets in between. “Death Nord Kult” provides us with a very good release since it’s the Black Metal we all like, but they add their own things to the mix, separating this release from the hundreds of releases every year.

  • In Memorium – Lost To Antiquity (2009)


    In Memorium is an American band that features members from several other bands, most notable the current vocalist from Abazagorath; Nihilist. This album provides us with 50 minutes of pure black metal that will pierce your ear drums. The music, while very primitive, is very effective in giving that perfect black metal feeling an album should have.

  • Saga - The Human Condition (2009)


    Most fans of a band panic when the band looses their lead singer. Speculation starts on how the band will continue, how their music will sound afterwards, and most importantly (for me) how are the band’s hit songs going to sound with the new singer. Well Saga’s selection of their new vocalist, according to their promo text, was somewhat based on how the old tracks where performed by the new vocalist.

  • Ministry – Adios…Puta Madres (2009)


    After almost 30 years of musical career Ministry leaves us with “Adios…Puta Madres”, a live album from their last world tour. There are limited amount of things that one can say about a live album, and I’ll be sure to cover all of them. First off, Ministry featured a pretty solid line-up during their last tour and this is reflected in the performance of all songs featured in the album.

  • Shakra – Everest (2009)


    Shakra brings us their rock influenced heavy metal from Switzerland. “Everest” marks their 7th full length release, and you can hear that in the quality of their music. This album contains 13 tracks of pretty solid rock/heavy metal that will surely please the followers of this band, and that will appeal fans of the genre of music.

  • The New Black – The New Black (2009)


    The New Black hails from Germany, and their music style is a very unique blend of many different musical elements that create something in between classic rock and groove metal. And even if the band’s sound is more main stream it’s still a pretty darn good sound. I think this band has created a very unique fusion of genres, and they are not afraid of adding whatever they think will make the songs sound better (like on “Simplify”).

  • Doro – Fear No Evil (2009)


    “Fear No Evil” is Doro’s latest release after 25 years if doing music. If you are a metal head and you don’t know who Doro is, I would suggest you start listening to a different type of music, or at least do your homework. Doro’s latest album is a very good one indeed. While I have to agree that Heavy Metal has never been one of my favorite genres, I recognize and accept a good release when I hear one. “Fear No Evil” is full of heavy metal ballads and great songs.


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