Seth - La France des maudits (2024)


Unleashing an early candidate for Black Metal album of the year, today we have Seth and their engaging Symphonic/Melodic BM style delivering eight tracks and over 46 minutes of highly immersive crushing music. Riding the momentum of the brilliant “La morsure du Christ”, the band wasted almost no time in unraveling their latest opus, filled with extreme craftiness and a swift dose of brutality alongside lush atmospherics.

Setting a very hectic and riveting tone with the opener “Paris des Maléfices”, the band quickly unleashes their fury with pummeling drumming, incisive riffing and the hellish vocals of Saint Vincent. The band’s current line-up is probably the best they ever had, as tracks like “Et que vive le diable !”, “La destruction des reliques”, and “Dans le cœur un poignard” perfectly blend melody with aggression and crafty atmospherics creating a fine aural assault.

After providing the listener with some respite on “Marianne”, the onslaught continues with the very melodic “Ivre du sang des saints”, which provides plenty of head banging passages. Closing the release with the longest and most complex tracks of this release, “Insurrection” and “Le vin du condamné” bring this album to a cathartic ending thanks to their devilish melodies and haunting atmospheric arrangements.

Overall, “La France des maudits” marks one of the band’s best releases to date. The current members create a very cohesive and demoralizing sound that only a handful of BM outfits can deliver. The French BM scene has been thriving in the last few years and Seth demonstrates that being both pioneers and leaders can be possible with one hell of a complete sound. If you like Black Metal, this release should not go unheard.

Band: Seth Album: La France des maudits

Label: Season of Mist

Release: July 14th, 2024

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Genre: Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal

Country: France

Rating: 97/100

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