Akhlys - House of the Black Germinus (2024)


Taking their nightmare inducing sound to a whole new level, today we have Akhlys and their latest opus “House of the Black Germinus”. With an Industrial edge to their already piercing Ambient Black Metal sound, this release delivers six tracks and over 50-minutes of some of the most hellish soundscapes you will ever witness.

Opening with the Blut Aus Nord-esque “The Mask of Night-speaking”, the band sets a very intimidating atmosphere flanked by crafty synths, crushing drumming, and pummeling Black Metal onslaughts. Naas Alcameth is a master in creating unsettling atmospherics with excruciating tempo changes, with tracks like “Maze of Phobetor” and “Through the Abyssal Door” being perfect examples of this.

With a feeling akin to an updated soundtrack to movies like Hellraiser or Even Horizon, “Black Geminus” perfectly provides that momentum building interlude, just before more punishing onslaughts like “Sister Silence, Brother Sleep” make their way into your psyche. The band’s sound over the years has been getting more and more refined, with tons of ideas being incorporated to a very polished atmospheric/ambient core, showcasing pieces like “Eye of the Daemon - Daemon I”, where peeling the layers gives the listener multiple different experiences.

As a whole, “House of the Black Germinus” is a very unsettling listening experience with a plethora of crafty ambient/atmospheric influences wrapped around with some engaging Industrial elements and the ever present brutality of the harsh vocals and BM influences. Being one of the most unique and forward thinking bands in the USA, Akhlys is trailblazing its own path with great style and polish.

Band: Akhlys Album: House of the Black Germinus

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: July 5th, 2024

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Genre: Ambient/Industrial Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 96/100

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