Eivør - Enn (2024)


Hailing from the Faroe Islands, today we have Eivør with her major label debut “Enn”, released under Season of Mist. Featuring a very dreamy and upbeat sound, this release delivers eight tracks and over 40 minutes of highly addictive music. While not the usual stuff we review, there is a certain magic to Eivør’s ethereal vocals and style that we got hooked on, and hence reviewing for you.

Setting a very dreamy vibe, the opening track “Ein Klóta” unleashes waves of hypnotic electronics and sweet angelic vocals. With “Jadartra” we get a nice droney melody with a mysterious edge, reminding us a bit of Kari Rueslåtten’s “Pilot” days. Just like something out of an Eurovision contest, “Hugsi Bert Um Teg” is a catchy track that quickly grabs your attention thanks to the masterfully crafted beat and dreamy electronics.

Oozing jazzy sultriness, “Purpurhjarta” is a very solemn track that showcases an even more melancholic side to Eivør’s music. Our favorite tracks have to be the hypnotic “Enn” and “Lívsandin”, two songs filled with emotion, mystery and some intense beats. The most interesting track in this release is by far “Upp Úr Øskuni”, a song that blends a more Folky/Heilung-esque vibe alongside the more prominent electronics of this release.

As the release closes with the mellow “Gaia”, the very dreamy vibe set by Eivør is one of the best features of this release. There are certainly less Folk and guitar elements in this release, showcasing Eivør’s musical evolution into weirder and more cinematic territories. While there are pretty much no Metal elements here, this is a solid release for somebody that is looking for ethereal female-led music and its not afraid to experiment and get out of their comfort zone.

Band: Eivør Album: Enn

Label: Season of Mist

Release: June 21st, 2024

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Genre: Atmospheric/Electronic/Alternative

Country: Faroe Islands

Rating: 92/100

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