Perchta - D'muata (2024)


Unleashing a very unique amalgamation of Black Metal with Folk influences, today we have Austria’s Perchta and their sophomore release “D'muata”. After a very powerful debut release, the band has been making live appearances on respected events like House of the Holy and Eros at Arms thanks to their unique sound and instrumentation. With this release, Perchta demonstrates their debut was not a fluke and that their sound can go even further in the intense 47 minutes of music presented here.

Opening with the moody “Vom Verlnga”, we quickly hear the band’s use of traditional instruments on top of a vicious onslaught of Black Metal riffs and the charismatic vocals of Perchta. The music features the perfect balance of aggression, melody and melancholy, creating very engaging songs like “Ois ws man san” and “Hebamm”. While infusing lore and atmosphere with others like “Heiliges Bluat”.

The album title track has a very lively Eisregen-meets-Heilung vibe, with a unique contrast of lush instrumentation and pure rawness. The Folk elements of the band, while always present in the ‘Metal’ tracks, it works wonders on dedicated songs like “Wehenkanon” and “Ausbruch”, which helps create a ritualistic atmosphere. Our favorite track has to be “Långtuttin & Stampa”, a track that could easily be its own horror movie.

Closing with “Mei Dianä Mei Bua” Perchta manages to maintain the listener’s attention, all the way to the last minute. With an extremely rich sound, the band also seems to also deliver very intense and authentic performances, making them the full package. Setting the bar even higher for future releases, “D'muata” offers the listener a unique and mysterious sound that is quite polished and features instruments like a hammered dulcimer and a bag fiddle. If you like Black Metal with Folky elements, you can’t miss out on this one.

Band: Perchta Album: D'muata

Label: Prophecy Productions

Release: June 14th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black/Folk Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 95/100

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