Tsatthoggua - We Are God (2024)


As one of those bands that we never expected to have a comeback form, Tsatthoggua always stood up with their sadomasochist/bondage image. With a couple of excellent albums in the late 90’s, “We Are God” marks the return of this German outfit to the scene with a highly vicious mix of old-school Black Metal with some Thrash elements. For over forty minutes, the band unleashes a healthy mix of sleaziness and brutality on this one.

Opening with all their fire-power, “Master Morality” shows a band that did not lose step and it means business. The fast-paced riffing perfectly pairs with crafty drumming and North Wind’s sinister vocals. The onslaught continues with the furious “Vorwärts Vernichter” and its incisive riffs, the weirdness of “The Doom-Scrawl Of Taran-Ish”, and the more melodic and engaging “I Drive My Dogs (To Thule)” featuring some intensely hellish drumming.

While many bands need a gimmick to be relevant, Tsatthoggua unleashes all hell with their pummeling and highly refined sound, creating some truly crushing songs like “True Black Love”, and “No Paradise For Human Sheep”. The whole BDSM part of the band’s sound is just a sinister complement to their fierce riffing and perfect blend of melody and aggression, as “Gloria Extasia” and “We Are God” demonstrate.

The release closes with an old-school Death Metal-ish pummeling by “Pechmarie”. As a whole, “We Are God” is a very powerful and intense release from a band that we never thought we would hear from again. If you liked their earlier stuff, this one is certainly along the same vein, but with a renewed sense of purpose and years of musical refinement. Tsatthoggua means business and this release is a great testament to this.

Band: Tsatthoggua Album: We Are God

Label: Osmose Productions

Release: May 31st, 2024

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Genre: Black/Thrash Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 95/100

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