Nel Buio - Nel Buio (2024)


Unleashing a pretty nifty and weird Black Metal adjacent release, today we have Nel Buio and their eponymous EP. Led by Claudio De Rosa with members of Blasphemer and Electrocution, this outfit pushes the boundaries of the genre with their futuristic five tracks and 22-minutes long release. If you like electronic/darkwave elements in your music, you are in luck as this release perfectly blends them with a very aggressive BM core.

After an atmospheric opener, “Sola” masterfully blends some sinister electronic elements into waves of aggressive riffs and crafty drumming. The vocals are heavy and despondent, creating a very unique and ravaging style. The madness continues with the inception trifecta of using the band name that was used for the release title as a track name title, this track shows some interesting Post-Metal vibes thrown into the mix, alongside some crafty synths.

Never slowing down, “In Silenzio…” unleashes some Carpenter Brut moments alongside harsh vocals and some killer riffing. Closing with the most melodic track in this release, “Mi Avvelena” is both catchy and engaging, perfectly blending all elements introduced in the other tracks and showcasing the band’s full potential. If you are looking for something odd and yet heavy and punishing, this release definitely sets new directions that the genre can take.

Band: Nel Buio Album: Nel Buio

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: June 21st, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Experimental Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 96/100

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