Black Sorcery - Plummeting into the Hour of the Wolf (2024)


Being old enough, we miss those days of our youth when we purchased a random cassette tape with a cool looking cover and were pleasantly surprised that the band’s music was actually good and intense. Luckily for us, Black Sorcery revived those moments with their crushing release “Plummeting into the Hour of the Wolf”, which coincidentally is also released on tape by Eternal Death. Featuring three tracks of pure fucking destruction, the band’s Black Metal sound is magical.

Like a bag of bricks to the face, “World Demands Cruelty” kicks things off with sheer brutality and intensity. The lo-fi production adds to the band’s rawness as it delivers a thunderous bass guitar line alongside the riffing onslaught. Things continue to escalate with the dissonant “The Hour of the Wolf” and its sinister melodies, Stygal’s vocals are definitely some of the most decadent we have heard in the genre and perfectly fit such a violent and incisive music.

Closing with the 8-minute “Without Reflection”, the band showcases a more melancholic and yet piercing side to themselves. With some intense guitar leads and a crafty tempo changes, this is the best track in this release. As “Plummeting into the Hour of the Wolf” comes to a close, this short but powerful effort makes a strong case for any fan of the genre should check out Black Sorcery and their antics. Be prepared and play this loud!

Band: Black Sorcery Album: Plummeting into the Hour of the Wolf

Label: Eternal Death

Release: May 24th, 2024

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Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 92/100

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