Ancient Guard - Nightfall Enthroned (2024)


As a new solo effort from Nightwolf of Runespell fame, Ancient Guard is a pretty interesting band that has an old-school Bathory days Black Metal sound with heavy atmospherics that remind us a bit of the early days of Emperor, Limbonic Art and Bal-Sagoth. Featuring four tracks and over thirty minutes of music, this release has a gloomy and mysterious vibe that feels fresh and highly appealing.

Opening with the 11-minute behemoth “Dominion of Primordial Darkness”, a very thick and mysterious atmosphere is unleashed, with waves of fierce snarls alongside distorted riffs and very hectic drumming. The band’s sound has a nice retro vibe to it, as well as a certain rawness that makes it very appealing and makes songs like “Sepulchral Damnation” very engaging and pummeling.

Continuing the onslaught, “A Moonscape Abyss” further plunges the listener into darkness with its eerie atmospherics, while “Eld” closes the release in a regal manner. Overall, “Nightfall Enthroned” is one hell of an engaging release with tons of sinister atmospherics and a powerful Black Metal core. Nightwolf is certainly a creative force, and we will be looking forward to anything else he puts out in the future.

Band: Ancient Guard Album: Nightfall Enthroned

Label: Iron Bonehead Productions

Release: June 14th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Australia

Rating: 95/100

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