Mythraeum - Oblivion Aeternam (2024)


Proposing a very lively and engaging Melodic/Symphonic Black Metal, today we have North American outfit Mythraeum and their sophomore release “Oblivion Aeternam”. With a sound similar to Vesperian Sorrow, Limbonic Art, and to a point mid-career Dimmu Borgir, this release unleashes nearly one hour of superbly crafted high-octane music that any fan of the genre will certainly love.

Opening strong with “Crown of Sepsis” after a flashy intro, the band quickly delivers waves of powerful guitar driven melodies perfectly accompanied by hearty snarls and a good dose of atmospherics. The band’s sound is very well crafted and polished, allowing tracks like “Harbinger’s Chant” and “Halls of Forgotten Will” to focus on mixing melodic passages with more faster-paced headbanging moments. Masterful tracks like “Terrestrial Despair”, showcase the band’s core influences, while still crafting their own style with tons of tempo changes and dramatic arrangements.

As one of our favorite tracks, the epic “Skies Torn Asunder” leads with a very dramatic momentum building atmospheric/melodic opening to pummeling drumming and intense riffing as things escalate. This duality of the band’s sound is what makes them stand out as songs like “Through the Nether” expertly switch from furiously paced sections to lush and highly melancholic melodic interludes.

Overall, “Oblivion Aeternam” is one hell of a release filled with epic moments alongside crushing melodies and aggressive onslaughts. The band delivers a very varied and engaging style that is quite refreshing and exciting, making Mythraeum one of the best North American bands of the genre. If you like high-octane and very melodic/atmospheric Black Metal music, this is one release you can miss out on in 2024.

Band: Mythraeum Album: Oblivion Aeternam

Label: M-Theory Audio

Release: Juen 6th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Symphonic/Melodic Black Metal

Country: USA

Rating: 96/100

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