Deathcult - Seven Are They (2024)


Spewing some blasphemous old-school Norwegian Black Metal, today we have Deathcult and their latest 7” release “Seven Are They”. Featuring Hoest from Taake (and others) and the brothers Thurzur and Skagg, which also play or have played with many other Black Metal bands, this release gives the listener a little taste of the band’s commanding sound and blistering energy.

Opening with a mood setting intro, the release title track blasts away with piercing BM riffing and intense drumming. The viciousness continues to escalate as the harsh vocals deliver another swift blow. This opener is both catchy, and yet sinister enough to send chills down the listener’s spine. With a more melodic, Immortal-esque edge to it, “Twice Seven They Are” is one of those awesome headbanging anthems with crafty tempo changes and engaging vocal arrangements to keep things dark and evil.

As a whole, “Seven Are They” is one small taste of the magic that Deathcult makes. If you are a fan of the real deal Norwegian Black Metal scene, this is one hell of a release, and collectible, to add to the collection. It does not get any better than this, and you will instantly figure that out as the release starts spinning.

Band: Deathcult Album: Seven Are They

Label: Edged Circle Productions

Release: May 31st, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Norway

Rating: 94/100

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