Trail of Tears - Winds of Disdain (2024)


As one of our favorite bands, it was quite a shock when Ronny Thorsen ended the band back in 2013. However, we, as many others, were quite excited that they decided to come back in 2020 and with none other than Aylin on vocals. Fast-forward four more years and we finally have a new release, an EP this time, from this band and it is all that we expected and a bit more. If you've ever been a fan of 2000’s Gothic Metal, you will certainly be familiar with the band, and if not, this is a great release to get you started.

Opening with the explosive EP title track, we get the band’s powerful distorted guitars paired with crafty drumming, subtle and yet dominant atmospherics and the singular vocals of Aylin. Bringing back members like Runar Hansen (guitars) and Jonathan A. Perez (drums), the band sounds like in their best days, with superbly catchy and engaging tracks like “Take These Tears”, which send chills down our spine, bringing back memories of the earlier days of the band.

Closing strong with “No Colors Left” and “Blood Red Halo”, we can firmly say the band is back and better than ever. Both of these tracks feature the signature atmospheric arrangements, powerful riffs, and highly melancholic vocals that we love from Trail of Tears. Aylin fits very well with the band’s style and as a counterpart to Ronny’s vocals, with both creating very powerful ‘beauty and the beast’ passages.

Overall, if you are into the heavier side of Gothic/Symphonic Metal, this release will be one of the best of 2024. Hopefully regaining all their fans of the past, Trail of Tears is ready to keep on with their musical path and this EP is a very powerful ‘comeback’ statement. While short and sweet, this release has enough meat on its bones to command multiple spins and focused attention.

Band: Trail of Tears Album: Winds of Disdain

Label: The Circle Music

Release: May 24th, 2024

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Genre: Gothic/Symphonic Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 96/100

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