Vástígr - The Path of Perdition (2024)


Hailing from Austria, today we have mysterious one-man band Vástígr with a very tense and crushing brand of Atmospheric Black Metal. While most bands in the genre sound alike these days, “The Path of Perdition” has a certain unsettling uniqueness thanks to its darker and more sinister take. Featuring four tracks and nearly 45 minutes of crushing music, this release is definitely worth the attention of any fan of the genre, and Black Metal in general.

Opening with the ravaging “Plunge”, Thomas Anzinger quickly creates a very thick and punishing atmosphere with intricate guitar work and deep growls. Far from linear, the track suddenly changes tempo to more melodic and equally sinister passages. Continuing the onslaught “Chasm” starts off showcasing crafty tempo changes ranging from Doom-ish interludes to more straight up Black Metal power. The band’s unique ideas nicely create a very demoralizing and yet highly effective style of its own.

Blasting away at the listener, “Katharsis” is our favorite track thanks to its pummeling drumming and vicious nature. We particularly enjoy how the band switches from tense situations to dreamier guitar-driven soundscapes that incite uncontrolable headbanging. The release closes with the dreamy atmospherics of “Eternity”, a more experimental piece that weaves back and forth between different tempos.

s a whole, “The Path of Perdition” is a very unique and disturbing release filled with powerful atmospherics and masterful guitar work. Vástígr has that certain edge that Icelandic Black Metal bands have developed with added European influences, creating one of the most original listening experiences of 2024. Be sure to check this out on Avantgarde Music.

Band: Vástígr Album: The Path of Perdition

Label: Avantgarde Music

Release: May 24th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 96/100

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