Insomnium - Omnium Gatherum - Wilderun - August Hall - San Francisco, CA - 4/29/2024

Completing our crazy weekend-ish of four shows in five days, today we made our way to the city for one of the tours we were quite psyched about. We have seen both Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum like a bazillion times and since we love both bands, we always keep returning for more. However, one band we have never seen before and they have been gaining momentum is Wilderun and their Proggy Melodic Metal. After a snafu on the show's starting times, luckily we figured out early that the band was going on before 7:30 PM and managed to arrive just in time to catch most of their set.

Wilderun setlist:
Distraction II
The Tyranny of Imagination
Far From Where Dreams Unfurl

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The band did not disappoint and all the cheering fans that actually made it on time showed that they are getting enough support and that we shall be seeing them back again. Next up, one of our favorite bands that luckily for us has been touring the states quite constantly. Their live show is always full of energy with the guitar wizardry of Markus Vanhala and Nick Cordle and the crowd interactions of Jukka Pelkonen. Picking their setlist must be getting harder after each release, but they always manage to sneak in some of our favorite older songs.

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Omnium Gatherum setlist:
Soul Journeys
Gods Go First
Planet Scale
White Palace
New Dynamic

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After an intense OG set, people were left reeling and needing a hydration and bio break as the floor cleared out for a while. However, this didn’t last long as all the crowd was back finding their spots for the headliner. While the pit was intense for OG, Insomnium also got people riled up and had some crazy moments. We particularly enjoy, with our older folks brethren, standing to the side headbanging to the melancholy and melody of the band’s music. Props to Markus Vanhala and his shredding abilities and stamina, as he pulled up double duty flawlessly.

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Insomnium setlist:
White Christ
Only One Who Waits
And Bells They Toll
The Rapids
The Gale
Mortal Share
Song of the Dusk

The Primeval Dark
While We Sleep
Heart Like a Grave

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Overall, this was another excellent live show by Insomnium and Omnium Gatherum, and a pleasant discovery of Wilderun doing a pretty solid job. While we have been lucky in seeing these bands quite often in the last few years, never take it for granted and make sure to check them out on the rest of this tour.

We would like to thank the people at August Hall for being super helpful and letting us do our job, and Nikki Law of Breaking the Law PR for hooking us up for this show.

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