Acathexis - Immerse (2024)


Featuring members of bands like Mare Cognitum, Los Males del Mundo, SLOW and Wolvennest, today we have Acathexis with a truly unique and demoralizing release titled “Immerse”. Featuring four tracks and nearly 56 minutes of music, each song is a tour de force when it comes to tempo changes and raw emotions. Not unexpected from such a stacked line-up, this release is probably one of the most underrated albums of 2024.

The release starts with the dreamy opening to “Dreams of Scorched Mirrors”, a track that immediately delivers a big punch to the face with its piercing vocals and intense riffing. The vocals in this release are insane, perfectly covering different styles and levels of intensity, and they are courtesy of Dany Tee of Los Males del Mundo and Those Endless Eyes fame. Aside from the insane vocals, the music creates a very thick and moody atmosphere that has tons of layers that need more than a few spins to discover.

As the release progresses, there is a perfect duality between the band’s atmospheric elements vs the sheer intensity of certain passages. Tracks like “Adrift in Endless Tides” and “The Other” perfectly showcase Jacob Buczarski crushing drumming style and Déhà’s masterful guitar work, as things switch from brutal onslaughts to more dreamy atmospheric passages, on the later track. The band has a very intense style that needs some slower paced sections for the listener to fully catch up to everything going on.

Closing with the longest and most melancholic piece in this release, “A Slow, Weary Wind”, we are left quite impressed with how each musician combines their strengths to create one hell of a complexly layered release. “Immerse” is definitely one of the most punishing albums of 2024 and you should not sleep on it. Make sure to listen to this release more than a few dozen times as with every spin you will uncover hidden details.

Band: Acathexis Album: Immerse

Label: Amor Fati Productions

Release: March 20th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Atmospheric Black Metal

Country: International

Rating: 96/100

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