Sylvaine - Eg Er Framand (2024)


Being huge fans of Sylvaine since their beginnings, we are quite excited to hear Kathrine Shepard taking a risk and releasing a very different release with “Eg Er Framand”. This EP features six tracks and nearly 30 minutes of dreamy Folk music, with absolutely no elements of Metal, showcasing a very different and raw side to Kathrine’s talents.

The release opens with the solemn “Dagsens Auga Sloknar Ut”, and its very minimalist instrumentation that surrounds Kathrine’s clean vocals. If the organ didn’t create enough tension for you on the first track, “Arvestykker” introduces some excellent vocal layering alongside “Eg Veit I Himmelrik Ei Borg”, which features a bit more instrumentation and somber atmospherics.

Our favorite track on this release has to be the mysterious “Livets Dans” and its pastoral vibe. The Norwegian Folk nature of this EP makes tracks like “Tussmørke” and “Eg Er Framand” very pleasant to hear, giving us memories of back in the day when Kari Rueslåtten released her first demo recordings and her “Spindelsinn” release.

As a whole, “Eg Er Framand” is a very solid release that delivers an outstanding vocal performance of Kathrine Shepard alongside subtle and minimalist Folky instrumentation. Each track has its own magic and needs a few springs to really digest all the different layers to them. Going with the right expectations is key to enjoying this EP as it shows a different side of Sylvaine that does not shine enough in their Metal offerings.

Band: Sylvaine Album: Eg Er Framand

Label: Season of Mist

Release: March 22nd, 2024

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Genre: Folk

Country: Norway

Rating: 91/100

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