Dragonforce - Warp Speed Warriors (2024)


Needing no introduction, Dragonforce has been delivering waves of high-octane Power Metal over the years with a high emphasis on flair and technical brilliance. With “Warp Speed Warriors”, the band returns with their playful and superbly catchy style to deliver ten tracks and nearly 50 minutes of expertly crafted epic music filled with soaring vocal arrangements and technical wizardry.

Opening with the engaging “Astro Warrior Anthem”, we quickly get Herman Li and Sam Totman racing off with soaring guitar leads alongside Gee Anzalone’s tight drumming. Thanks to Marc Hudson’s soaring lead vocals, tracks like “Power of the Triforce”, “Kingdom of Steel”, and “Burning Heart”, nicely have that superbly epic and intense vibe that is the signature style of the band. Filled with intricate details and a crystal clear production, all songs in this release are an aural experience on their own.

Those looking for superbly catchy pieces to go crazy at live shows, tracks like the blistering “Space Marine Corp” and “The Killer Queen” perfectly blend the band’s video game-esque stylings with the epic nature of Power Metal, creating two very intense and memorable songs. We particularly love pieces like “Doomsday Party”, especially the bonus track version which features Elize Ryd, and its playful catchiness. Newcomer bassist Alicia Vigil has been fully incorporated into the fold, making the band sound as good as ever, and delivering some crazy intense live shows as they did last year with Amaranthe in North America and are set to do with Baby Metal and Dethklok in a few weeks.

Overall, “Warp Speed Wariors” is the band’s most ambitious and diverse record to date. There are plenty of classic Dragonforce elements here, but also some more catchy and engaging elements that take the band’s style to new heights. Highly recommended for fans of their earlier release and the genre in general. We can’t wait to hear some of this songs live on their upcoming North American dates.

Band: Dragonforce Album: Warp Speed Warriors

Label: Napalm Records

Release: March 15th, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Power Metal

Country: International

Rating: 96/100

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