Ponte Del Diavolo - Fire Blades From the Tomb (2024)


Just when you think you have heard it all, there comes a band like Ponte Del Diavolo with a very unique and intoxicating sound. Mixing elements of Black Metal with Doom, Psychedelic/Dark rock, “Fire Blades From the Tomb” delivers nearly 45 minutes of enigmatic music that quickly sets a very sultry and devilish mood from start to end.

Opening with “Demone”, one would easily think, great, another typical (but intense) Black Metal release, however, as Erba del Diavolo vocals come to play, the mood shifts into sinister and yet playful territories. Weaving back and forth between BM onslaughts and Doomy riffs, the band creates a very unique and engaging sound that is not quite conventional as songs like “Covenant” and “Red as the sex of She who lives in death” keep exploring new dark corners.

There is a certain level of mystery in the band’s music that makes it more intoxicating than your average, with songs like “La razza” creating very sultry and eerie dissonant passages. Other tracks like “Nocturnal Veil” and “Zero” explore somber atmospherics with horror movie-esque elements. However, our favorite track has to be the ritualistic Nick Cave cover of “The Weeping Song” and its interplay of intense tremolo picking with more refined and elegant slower passages and crafty vocal arrangements.

If we had to pin down the band’s style, we would say it's a mixture of Jess and the Ancient Ones with Jex Thoth and Messa with some sprinkles of “Dawnbearer”-era Hexvessel, and a hearty dose of Black Metal thrown into the mix. So be sure to get a copy of this release and get fully embraced under the Ponte Del Diavolo. This is definitely one of the most unique and engaging releases of 2024.

Band: Ponte Del Diavolo Album: Fire Blades From the Tomb

Label: Season of Mist

Release: February 16th, 2024

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Genre: Doom/Black Metal

Country: Italy

Rating: 97/100

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