Amaranthe - The Catalyst (2024)


Always keeping things catchy and intense, Amaranthe returns with another bombastic release with “The Catalyst”. Featuring their signature brand of pop/alternative Metal, Elize Ryd and Olof Mörck keep the band’s legacy by delivering thirteen tracks and around 40 minutes of engaging songs filled with explosive chorus sections, crafty guitar leads and an overall high-octane vibe.

The release immediately blasts off with the excellent album title track and its extreme catchiness. The band’s mixture of distorted guitars, electronic elements, and the diverse vocal styles create a very dynamic and explosive mix that Amaranthe has been refining over the years. New harsh vocalist, Mikael Sehlin, does a pretty solid job in adding to the contrast between the singing styles of Elize and Nils Molin, as heard on pieces like “Insatiable” and “Liberated”.

It is hard to pick a favorite track as all of them have their own magic and exciting melodies and tempo changes, however, we greatly enjoyed “Damnation Flame” and the excellent cover of Roxette’s “Fading Like a Flower“. All songs oscillate around 3 minutes in length, just about perfect in terms of delivering some crafty riffs, and soaring chorus lines. The band’s energy is undeniable and songs like “Ecstasy”, “Resistance” and “Find Life” are a testament to this.

Overall, “The Catalyst” is another excellent release from Amaranthe. The band continues to polish their style and delivers another intense release filled with crafty instrumentation and soaring vocal arrangements. Paired with their intense live shows, this Swedish band is definitely one of the more entertaining acts to catch live, so be sure to get this release and catch them on a show.

Band: Amaranthe Album: The Catalyst

Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Release: February 23rd, 2024

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Alternative Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 94/100

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