Exit Eden - Femmes Fatales (2024)


Oozing catchines and Symphonic power, today we have Exit Eden and their sophomore release “Femmes Fatales”. Being seven years in the making, this release delivers twelve tracks, six originals and six covers, all spanning almost one hour of superb music. Particularly catered for fans of Female-fronted Symphonic Metal, this release showcases the vocal talents of Clémentine Develay Thieux (Visions of Atlantis), Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite), and Anna Brunner. With each one bringing their own uniqueness to highly dynamic and engaging music.

Alternating one original song and one cover song, the release opens with the captivating energy of “Femme Fatale” and as it blends into the brilliant Pet Shop Boys cover of “It's a Sin”. While Amanda Sommerville is no longer with the band, Clémentine, Marina, and Anna do a great job in keeping things quite diverse and engaging and it also allows the listener to focus even more on what each brings to the table.

Our personal favorite tracks have to be “Run!”, an original piece featuring Marco Hietala, and the covers of “Poison” from Alice Cooper and “Alone” from Heart. This last cover has been done a million times and this version is certainly one of our favorites. The songwriting skills of this trio are quite solid, as tracks like “Hold Back Your Fear” and “Elysium” have all the elements that one expects from the genre, alongside epic headbanging moments and over the top symphonic arrangements.

As a whole, “Femmes Fatales” is a pretty solid follow up to their debut release “Rhapsodies in Black”. All singers nicely contribute their unique styles to create a very bombastic and engaging album that easily rivals any of the more established bands and sets an even higher bar for any future releases. We can’t wait to see if there are any opportunities in the future to catch these gals live. 2024 is starting to look like another solid year of releases thanks to high quality January drops like this one.

Band: Exit Eden Album: Femmes Fatales

Label: Napalm Records

Release: January 12th, 2024

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: International

Rating: 92/100

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