Therion - Leviathan III (2023)


Finishing up their Leviathan trilogy, today we have Therion with “Leviathan III”, an excellent release that continues the band’s legacy as one of the premiere Symphonic Metal acts. Featuring eleven tracks and 52 minutes of superbly catchy music, this release is more than just another Therion release with plenty of memorable moments and unique songs.

Opening with the magic of “Ninkigal” and the musicality of “Ruler of Tamag”, we are treated to the band’s brilliant mixture of heavy distorted guitars alongside lush orchestrations and choir arrangements. We particularly enjoy how songs like “An Unsung Lament” have that classical vibe with excellent vocal arrangements while still keeping things heavy and catchy. Many bands that attempt the genre over do it with overbearing symphonic elements, but Christofer Johnsson and company make balancing styles look easy.

With all tracks being equally excellent, we have to highlight more unconventional pieces like “Ayahuasca” and its playful instrumentation, “Midsommarblot” with its more Viking-esque edge, and “Duende” with its lush Spanish guitars and flamenco-esque opening. As the band continues to incorporate different styles and takes risks, we give them props for not staying stagnant and always trying new things as these tracks showcase.

Over years Therion has reliably been a very consistent band, always releasing interesting music with quality arrangements and exceptional songwriting. In this Leviathan trilogy the band has explored new sounds, delivered excellent signature Therion tracks, and overall produced a heap of excellent music that has a bit of everything for everybody. As this album closes an excellent stage in the band’s career, we can’t help but be excited about what is next in their journey.

Band: Therion Album: Leviathan III

Label: Napalm Records

Release: December 15th, 2023

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Genre: Symphonic Metal

Country: Sweden

Rating: 95/100

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