Délétère - Songes d'une nuit souillée (2023)


Unleashing a punishing exercise in Black Metal brilliance, Quebec’s Délétère delivers “Songes d'une Nuit Souillée”. As their first full-length release in five years, the band unravels 42 minutes and eight tracks of high-octane Black Metal filled with eerie atmospherics and incisive melodic undertones. If you like bands like Algazanth, Sargeist, Seth, and everything in between this is the release for you.

Blasting away with the ravaging “Chasse obscène”, the band quickly delivers waves of incisive guitar riffing alongside pummeling drums and hellish vocals. Particularly the interplay between melodic passages, ominous atmospherics and the choral arrangements create a unique and devilish atmosphere. This atmosphere is perfectly preserved as “Sacre de la perversion”, “Foutredieu”, and “Messe scandaleuse” roll around.

For those genre purists, the band shows their full of power in pieces like “Lex Syphilii” and Le “Labour des Chairs”, delivering what people expect from outfits like Horna, Sargeist, etc., but with additional flair and atmospherics, making their music even more dominating. Saving the best piece for last, “La Nuit Souillée” brilliantly closes the release with swift determination and plenty of ritualistic creepiness.

With an insanely stacked line-up of members of bands like Forteresse, Monarque, and live musicians from other equally impressive outfits, Délétère is a band at the top of their game and “Songes d'une Nuit Souillée” greatly showcases fury, craftiness, and execution. Any fan of Black Metal should pay attention to these guys and pick up a copy of this release and their previous offerings.

Band: Délétère Album: Songes d'une nuit souillée

Label: Sepulchral Productions

Release: November 23rd, 2023

Homepage Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: Canada

Rating: 98/100

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