Ravenoir - Cultus Inferi (2023)


Unleashing a highly effective Death Metal release with some atmospheric and melodic touches, today we have Czech Republic’s Ravenoir and their third full-length release in a span of three years, titled “Cultus Infer”. For the uninitiated, the band creates an interesting amalgamation of old-school DM with some more modern influences. If you are looking for a nice release that has a modern Morgoth-esque vibe, be sure to check this one out.

Immediately getting down to business, “Glorification of Godlessness” blasts this release off with intense drumming and very crafty riffing. The vocals are more on the snarl territory, perfectly fitting with the band’s retro side. Pillaging through tracks like “Black Luna”, “Crow's Call”, and the mysterious “Confession to the Darkness”, we can see the band dwell into more melodic territories with different tempo changes and higher emphasis on rhythmic sections and atmospheric keyboards.

Our favorite tracks in this release have to be the sinister “Belial's Realm” and its Doomier edge, and the chugging “Orgiastic Ceremony” with its quintessential Death Metal riffs and elaborate drum patterns. As a whole, “Cultus Inferi” shows a band that is comfortable with their own sound and yet manages to experiment with different elements, creating an engaging release that does not sound dated while still delivering a nostalgic component.

Bands: Ravenoir Album: Cultus Inferi

Label: Black Barn Music

Release: October 31st, 2023

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Genre: Death Metal

Country: Czech Republic

Rating: 91/100

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