Nervosa - Jailbreak (2023)


Unleashing one of the most intense and crushing Thrash Metal releases of 2023, today we have Nervosa and their latest opus “Jailbreak”. Prika Amaral and company return with a vicious vengeance and deliver over 45 minutes of crazy fast and extremely crafty music, filled with epic riffs, blistering drumming, and hellish vocals. Perfectly balancing an old-school Thrash vibe with a modern and clean production, this album sounds like a million dollars while beating the listener into submission.

Opening with the thunderous “Endless Ambition”, the band means business from the start. Filled with fast Thrashy riffs alongside crushing drumming, and Prika’s aggressive vocals, this track nicely sets a high-octane tone that is greatly amplified by intense pieces like “Suffocare”, “Ungrateful”, “Seed of Death”, and the blistering album title track that fires on all cylinders. The band perfectly brings an element of melody and explosiveness to the genre that only a handful of bands can deliver, as heard on “Sacrifice” and “Behind the Wall”.

We particularly love songs like “Kill or Die” and “Superstition Failed”, which perfectly embody the genre, delivering intense lead guitars and engaging melodic passages, showing an overall thirst for blood. All 13 tracks have their own magic, and Nervosa makes sure they are brutal and yet well crafted, showing both restraint and precise execution, with just enough polish to make them memorable and an all-out headbanging exercise.

As a whole, “Jailbreak” is definitely one of the most intense and yet polished releases of 2023. Featuring guest appearances by Gary Holt and Lena Scissorhands, this release showcases the realized promise of the band, while paying homage to the genre greats and finding their own voice in the process. If you are looking for ravaging intensity, technical proficiency, and crafty songwriting, look no further and pick up a copy of this release.

Band: Nervosa Album: Jailbreak

Label: Napalm Records

Release: September 29th, 2023

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Genre: Thrash Metal

Country: International

Rating: 96/100

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