Cryptopsy - As Gomorrah Burns (2023)


Fully righting their musical ship, today we have Canadian legends Cryptopsy and their first full length release in over 10 years: “As Gomorrah Burns”. Returning to that vicious Brutal Death Metal sound from their earlier years, the band delivers eight tracks and 33 minutes of crushing brutality. While the band showed their mettle with a new lineup during “The Book of Suffering - Tome I and II”, this release perfectly blends their old style with newer and fresher Technical DM elements that nicely polish their sound.

The band quickly makes a statement with the pummeling “Lascivious Undivine”, and follows it with the even more blistering “In Abeyance”. The best part of this opening pair of tracks is that you can hear the old-school Death Metal from the band perfectly blended with a fresher and more modern edge of current Technical Death Metal/Deathcore productions. Blasting the listener away, one of our favorite tracks has to be “Godless Deceiver” and its intense drumming, perfectly flanked by chuggy riffs and hellish vocals.

Giving us some old-school Deicide chills, “Ill Ender” packs a mean punch, and it is perfectly contrasted by the ‘techy-ness’ of “Flayed The Swine” and its Anaal Nathrakh-esque intensity. This release is relentless and oozes of brutality from start to finish, as tracks like “The Righteous Lost”, “Obeisant”, and “Praise the Filth” will keep you entertained and headbanging non-stop.

Overall, “As Gomorrah Burns” shows a Cryptopsy that is back on the path of destruction and onslaught with a punishing sound. The band might have lost some steam a while ago, but taking some time to center their sound and make their line-up fully gel with each other, really paid off as they are strong and determined. Be sure to not miss out on this excellent release.

Band: Cryptopsy Album: As Gomorrah Burns

Label: Nuclear Blast

Release: September 8th, 2023

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Genre: Brutal/Technical Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 90/100

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