Vinsta - Freiweitn (2023)


Hailing from Austria, today we have self-labeled “Alpine Metal” outfit Vinsta and their highly melodic and melancholic release “Freiweitn”. Perfectly balancing folky and melodic passages with lush vocals and heavier riffs and growls, this release is quite lively and engaging. For fans of bands like Eluveitie and Wilderun, this release feels fresh and excellently crafted.

After the acoustic intro, the band leads of with the melodic distorted guitars of “Schwoaze Låckn”, a trance inducing piece that sets a very lush and foresty mood. The string instruments are very well arranged and work perfectly in unison with the harmonious clean vocals. As “Freiweitn” and “Wundaberg” keep the same opening mood, songs like “Entarische Gstoit” showcase a heavier Proggy/Death Metal side to the band.

With “Untawegs im Schattn” the band shows their older roots in a puerly folk piece that is very lush and well crafted. We particularly enjoy the expertly crafted album flow as after the previously mentioned folk song, “Vinstas Valonga” unleashes more heaviness, right before closing the album with the dreamy “Einkehr” and “Hoamat”. As a cinematic experience, this works very well and creates the perfect balance between their heavy and folk influences.

Overall, “Freiweitn” is an excellent release filled with lush arrangements, emotive vocals and a hearty dose of heaviness. Vinsta nicely blends multiple genres and styles together in a very cohesive and enchanting way, creating for nearly 50 minutes of a lush and magical experience. If you like the more melodic and folky side of Metal, this is one band to keep an ear out for.

Bands: Vinsta Album: Freiweitn

Label: Eisenwald

Release: July 24th, 2023

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Genre: Pagan/Folk Metal

Country: Austria

Rating: 92/100

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