Sirenia - 1977 (2023)


Constantly delivering lush and bombastic releases, Morten Veland and Sirenia return once more with “1977”. In this album, the band further evolves by incorporating synthwave and even 80’s rock sounds to their already crafty and engaging music. For over 49 minutes, the band serenades the listener with a rollercoaster ride of emotions and tempos, creating for a very diverse and explosive release, filled with surprises for new and old fans alike.

Opening with the bombastic “Deadlight”, Sirenia kicks things off with one of their signature epically catchy tracks filled with engaging arrangements and the Gothic Metal darkness that we all love from them. Over the last seven years, Emmanuelle Zoldan vocals have been perfectly fitting the band’s explosive and yet introspective style, delivering soaring chorus sections and heartfelt ballads, as we can hear in “Wintry Heart”, “Nomadic”, to “Oceans Away”.

There is certain magic to their playful synths on songs like “The Setting Darkness”, which give the band an additional edge and an extra level of catchiness. Of course the heavy guitars are one of the band’s pillars, and Nils Courbaron and Morten Veland do a great job in creating rhythmic sections alongside epic solos. We particularly love the power of the guitars on “A Thousand Scars” and “Delirium”.

As the release closes with the magical “Timeless Desolation” and its sultry vocal melodies, alongside the superb cover of Tanita Tikaram’s “Twist in My Sobriety”, we are left - yet again - quite impressed with the band’s progression and commitment to create excellent music. Morten Veland and company have honed into their strengths and continue to tweak and expand their already impressive and signature style. With “1977” the band showcases additional range and bakes in some superbly cool new ideas, do not sleep on this release.

Band: Sirenia Album: 1977

Label: Napalm Records

Release: May 26th, 2023

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Genre: Gothic/Symphonic Metal

Country: International

Rating: 96/100

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