Seven Spires - Omnium Gatherum - Eluveitie - The Masquerade, Atlanta, GA - 3/30/2023

Nearly at the end of their tour, this excellent package made its way to Atlanta, GA, and there is no way we were going to miss them. Opening the night we had Seven Spires, a band that has played a few times here before at ProgPower USA, and most recently they came through town with DragonForce in 2022. With their excellent heavier than average and highly Progressive Symphonic Metal, Adrienne Cowan and company delivered a killer show.

Seven Spires setlist:

Gods of Debauchery
The Cursed Muse
Shadow on an Endless Sea
Dare to Live

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Every time we see this band live, they get better and better, so it is just about time for them to fully break out and be on their own headlining tours soon. Sadly, their set was only 30 minutes, but it was a short time well spent with this excellent outfit.

Next up we had Omnium Gatherum, this Finnish Melodic Death Metal outfit has been on a meteoric rise in the last few years. We have been lucky to see them live every time they have stopped by Atlanta, and without exception, they give out killer shows.

This time the band was promoting their upcoming EP “Slasher”, as well as played some of our favorite songs from them including “Frontiers”, “Ego”, and the “Unknowing”. If you have never seen this band live, the headbanging is intense and their guitarists are always razor sharp while making it look easy. Do not miss them if you play around your home.

Omnium Gatherum setlist:

Gods Go First
Be the Sky
The Unknowing

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Lastly, we had Eluveitie and their highly enjoyable Folk Metal with a hefty dose of real instrumentation, particularly live. Unfortunately this tour Chrigel Glanzmann was not able to make it, but the rest of the band compensated for it and they also had Adrienne Cowan of Seven Spires and Jukka Pelkonen of Omnium Gatherum filling in on vocals.

Front-lady Fabienne Erni is highly charismatic and perfectly led the band through their set of classics and very animated interactions between band members. While many bands are just jaded and give tired performances, particularly at the end of their tours, Eluveitie gave it all and blew the crowd away with their energy. Bands that are having fun on stage give the best shows, and these guys were having a blast!

Eluveitie setlist:

Exile of the Gods
Deathwalker (with Adrienne Cowan)
A Rose for Epona (Followed by guitar solo)
Thousandfold (with Jukka Pelkonen)
Quoth the Raven (with Adrienne Cowan)
King (with Jukka Pelkonen)
De Ruef vo de Bärge / The Call of the Mountains

Aidus (with Adrienne Cowan)
Ategnatos (with Jukka Pelkonen)
Inis Mona (with Adrienne Cowan and Jukka Pelkonen)

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Overall, this was a great show with excellent bands giving some very energetic and engaged performances. We would like to thank Jon at Freeman Promotions for hooking us up and making this coverage possible. We also want to thank the people at The Masquerade for always being awesome and the best venue to watch shows in Atlanta.

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