Mystic Circle - Erzdämon (2023)


Just one year after releasing their first full-length release in 16 years, Germany’s Mystic Circle is back again with another crushing release: “Erzdämon”. Filled with the same energy and retro-ish vibe from their last release, this album unleashes 47 minutes of superbly crafty and catchy Melodic Black Metal with the signature Mystic Circle style. If you loved the band’s triumphant return, this release is along the same lines of brilliance.

Opening with the high-octane album title track, Graf von Beelzebub and Aaarrrgon deliver crafty atmospheric elements, epic melodic guitar riffs, and tight drumming. This track immediately makes the listener want to headbang with its engaging mixture of melody and aggression. With that retro Horror Metal edge that the band blends into their sound, tracks like “From Hell”, “The Unholy Trinity”, and “Scarecrow” keeps things lively with their catchiness.

Some songs feature heavier atmospherics than others, like the lush “Asmodeus and the Temple of God” and its very cinematic opening. Our personal favorite tracks have to be the darker and more melancholic “Welcome to the Midnight Mass” and “The Mothman” thanks to their powerful combination of dramatic keyboards and slower and more hypnotic tempos alongside epic guitar leads.

Closing with the explosive “Skinwalker” and the more atmospheric “The Princess of the Deadly Sins”, the band has managed to deliver another brilliant release in a very short time frame. We have been fans of the band since their earlier days and their latest albums are completely up to par with their older stuff. They also have managed to incorporate some fresher elements and paired them with a crystal clear production to hear every single cymbal and drum to perfection. If you like old-school sounding Melodic Black Metal, you can’t sleep on this release.

Band: Mystic Circle Album: Erzdämon

Label: Fireflash Records

Release: March 17th, 2023

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Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal

Country: Germany

Rating: 96/100

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