Vermineux / Prieuré - Split (2023)


Delivering a quick and swift blow to the listener's morale, today we have Vermineux and Prieuré unleashing a hellish split release with two tracks from each band. Showcasing some of their most promising bands, Purity Through Fire created a very unique pairing and the perfect teaser with this release. If you like hellish and punishing Black Metal, this release will introduce you to two very interesting one-man battalions.

Opening the split we have Vermineux, hailing from the USA, and its crushing “Ashes” track. With a piercing lo-fi production, the BM riffing in this track is excellent and it pairs wonderfully with Spectre’s intense shrieks. The second track is a pretty decent cover of “Holocaust to the Natural Darkness” from Vlad Tepes, again showcasing raw power around a gritty sound.

The second side showcases French outfit Prieuré with a funky and chaotic “Intro” that is promptly followed by the foul “Sang”. This track has a very retro BM vibe with a throbbing bass guitar line, simple and yet pummeling drumming and nasty riffs. The track also throws some interesting curve balls, reminding us a bit of outfits like Peste Noire and their chaotic and funky BM interpretation.

Overall, this split release is quite engaging and showcases talented outfits that should be turning heads in the future. The music is raw and direct, creating an impactful and punishing experience, so be prepared.

Bands: Vermineux / Prieuré Album: Split

Label: Purity Through Fire

Release: February 27th, 2023

Vermineux / Prieuré Facebook

Genre: Black Metal

Country: USA / France

Rating: 93/100

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