The Lovecraft Sextet - Black†White (2023)


Creating a truly unique and somewhat demented release, today we have the enigmatic The Lovecraft Sextet and their latest EP “Black†White”. Featuring two tracks of pure jazzy madness, this EP delivers a digestible entry into the highly mysterious and chaotic world of Jason Köhnen. Filled with atmospheric weirdness, this release is certainly not for the close minded, as it embarks the listener on an aural journey.

The first side contains “Black”, a solemn piece that starts very elegantly and slowly descends into Noire-esque jazzy passages. The playful percussion nicely contrasts with the lush atmospheric arrangements as some heavier sections are intermingled. This track sets a somber mood that is brilliantly complemented by the more minimalist opening of “White” as it oozes melancholy. This track also builds momentum solely to climax with intense aggression and dissonance.

Overall, “Black†White” is a nice and short introduction into the band’s unique musical style. We particularly love how the jazzy elements come together and contrast against bouts of aggression and madness. If you like highly experimental stuff that is both engaging and dissonant at times, be sure to check out this EP and the band’s earlier works, particularly their killer 2022 release “Miserere”.

Band: The Lovecraft Sextet Album: Black†White

Label: Debemur Morti Productions

Release: March 10th, 2023

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Genre: Dark Jazz/Avant-garde/Experimental

Country: International

Rating: 93/100

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